What If Your Business Website Isn’t Right Or Isn’t Ready Yet?

by Reid on November 16, 2017

Confused businessman looking at laptop computer in officeWhat If Your Business Website Isn’t Right Or Isn’t Ready Yet?

With Reid Mihalko from ReidAboutSex.com and Dr. Liz Powell from SexPositivePsych.com

Reid: How do you tell people about your services when you don’t have a website for it yet or it’s not the “right website”? It’s Reid Mihalko from ReidAboutSex.com also creator of SexGeekSummerCamp.com and when I have the green camp shirt on that means it’s a business video for sex educators and sex positive entrepreneurs and I’m here today with Dr. Liz from…

Liz: SexPositivePsych.com

Reid: And we were just shooting some videos for non-business videos for the YouTube channel and I was talking about your military background and the work that you do for just people in general and where should military folks go for sex positive resources and you told me what?

Liz: I have a website of body domain, I haven’t put the page up yet.

Reid: Excellent and that have me have a whole “aha” moment so that we can shoot this video which is if I can give you some possible bit of advice work around. If you can build a post page on the site that you already have for those resources like just the top 5 or 10 or whatever. Have that page that post on your website be live and then take the URL that you already have and direct it to that post then you can promote the URL, it’ll go to a resource page that could also say, “Hey, while we’re building the rest of the site, hope this stuff works. Contact me this way.” And then that way you can promote the URL and you can still give people resources. So I don’t know if that’s useful for you.

Liz: Yeah, absolutely.

Reid: Now this is the fun part because I’m going to make you give the URL if you want.

Liz: Okay, yeah.

Reid: So now when I post this live, you have to have the resource page.

Liz: I have to have it going.

Reid: So what’s the website URL for that?

Liz: The website is sexandvets.com

Reid: sexandvets.com? That wasn’t taken?

Liz: That wasn’t taken. I got it.

Reid: Whoa. That’s great. So sexandvets.com. Now and then of course there’s the spinoff or the April fool’s day where it’s sex and veterinarians.

Liz: Right, yeah. Luckily we think that most people will take it as veterans but if we get some veterinarians who wants some sex tips too, it’s great.

Reid: Was sexandveterans.com available?

Liz: I haven’t checked. I wanted shorter, it’s easier but I could check.

Reid: You might want to grab that just in case and it might already be taken. So I hope that was useful. Thank you for letting me give you live advice on things like that.

Liz: Yeah.

Reid: So that’s just a particular thing that we all kind of come up with when Sex Geek Summer Camp didn’t have… it’s still doesn’t actually have a “website” website but I knew to direct it to particular post on the website that I already had. I hope this was useful for you. Leave some comments and then check out your website which is at?

Liz: SexPositivePsych.com

Reid: And why you didn’t spell it?

Liz: I’ll spell it. S-E-X-P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E-P-S-Y-C-H dot com

Reid: It’s like spelling bee.

Liz: It is.

Reid: It’s great. Awesome. Leave comments. Thank you. Bye.

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