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Where Do You Start When You Want To Get Sex Positive Information Out There?

What do you need to have to be a sex educator and/or have a sex positive business? With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: Someone wrote and said, I’d like to see of examples of respectful goodbye rituals from long term partners to unhoop from each other and smooth out their […]

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The ‘Embarrassing Questions Sex Educators DON’T ask’ FREE Telecall

Don’t Let the Embarrassing “Too” Questions Ruin Your Career! Dear Sex Geek, What are the questions that are holding you back from going pro as a sex educator and/or from paying your bills? Chances are, they’re of the despicable and embarrassing “Too” Questions variety! The questions that are “too” embarrassing, “too” simple, or “too” obvious. […]

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