Self Expression

How Do You Gauge People When They’re Hard To Read?

How to find a balance where you’re not offending? Some people are hard to read so you don’t always know, if you’ve offended people. Finding that safe balance  can be a challenge. Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they talk about how to find a balance between self-expression and helping […]

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The Inevitable Death Of Your Charisma And What Makes People Unattractive

These Bad Habits May Be Sucking The Attractiveness Out of YOU…  Do you wish your life was more exciting? More fulfilling? That you felt more attractive, more charismatic, and were surrounded by people and activities that nourished you? You can have/be all of those things, and they’re more achievable than you think, but to pull it […]

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Stories to Reduce Shame: Bawdy Storytelling [Video and Transcript]

How can telling Dirty Stories reduce shame and bring you self-expression and a sense of freedom? Join’s Cathy Vartuli as she interviews Dixie De La Tour from and some of the amazing story tellers, including Allison Moon from, Reid Mihalko from, and others. Cathy: Hi, this is Cathy Vartuli from, […]

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