Energetic Sex for Pragmatists, Special 3-Hour Practicum, Electrifies Oakland, August 22nd!

Explore Kundalini, the “Tantric Twitchies” and Vibrational Luvin’ Without the Woo-Woo! (with live Demos, too) Remember that Cosmo magazine article that talked about how Tantra and breathing could give you explosive orgasms? How about the urban legend about Sting having sex for eight hour stints? Regardless of your tolerance for words like “chakras” and “yoni,” […]

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Reid headlining the first ever East Bay Bawdy Storytelling, April 7th!

Sex in the Unlikeliest Places is the theme… Where did Reid do it? It’s Bawdy’s FIRST East Bay show, y’all – & Oakland certainly seems to fit our theme, ‘The Unlikeliest Places’: Ever have that moment in bed where you try to remember where your pants are, where the handcuff key is, and why your […]

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The Full-Body Kiss with Reid: Great Making Out is More Than Just Using Your Mouth…

Ever liked someone only to discover that they were severly lacking in the kissing department? Worried that you might be one of those “bad kissers” the Cosmo articles talk about? Your lover “almost there” when it comes to kissing, but you’re at a loss for how to upgrade their technique or even talk about it? Perhaps people tell you that you’re a good kisser, but you want to be a GREAT kisser…

Call it what you will, but making out is one of the best appetizers on the menu when it comes to turning a person on. And Full-Body Kissing (the art of using your mouth, lips, tongue, face, hands, arms, hair, shoulders, and legs) can be a main course all to itself, but only if you know how!

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