Nudity Policy

Camp Nudity Policy

Clothing and Nudity Policy for Sex Geek Summer Camp

This policy balances our desire for everyone to enjoy going naked if they wish with:
1) health concerns, and 2) our desire for our neighbors and delivery services to remain unaware of and undisturbed/surprised by onsite nudity.

Please be “street legal” (genitals/butthole/breasts and chests covered) in the Teaching Area, in the Dining Hall, and including any place visible from the road/side of the lodge facing the Retreat Center Driveway (The delivery people didn’t consent to us flashing them).

It’s fine to be topless on the property and in the forest (when you’re not in the teaching area or dining hall), but please keep butt and genitals covered (unless your skinny-dipping in the creek or doing a sexy photoshoot). You can be as naked as you’d like by the pool, BTW.

TEACHING AREAS: Because all classes are filmed and because Reid wants to be fair to nipples of all genders, all genders must keep your tops and bottoms on in the Teaching Areas during classes. 

For health reasons, if you sit or lie down nude in any space where nudity is allowed, please put something that belongs to you (a towel, sarong, shirt, etc.) between you and what you’re sitting or lying on.