Sex Education Field Trips

Field Trips

Different than coaching or private workshops for your friends or communities, Field Trips are when you, your partner, and/or your group head out into the world with Reid for experiential learning that couldn’t happen sitting in a workshop room at some yoga studio or wellness spa.

Examples of Field Trips Reid has had great success with:

Sex Toy Store Tour (Then Drinks and Disscussion):

Meet up with me at your local adult toy store for a personal tour. Get your questions answered. Find out which toys are for what, which are my personal favorites, and which ones I would recommend for you based on what you’re interested in. Let me be your personal sex toy shopper for the night, then, after our tour, pick my brain over drinks for an hour as we all head to a local bar for further discussion. Yay, sex talk!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Sex Ed Q & A:

This is one of my favorite field trips to do. Why? ‘Cause bachelor and bachelorette parties are the perfect “excuse” for you to let me answer all your burning questions about sex, love making, understanding men and women, and how to make relationships last. I’m not knocking getting drunk and going to a strip joint, but, really, why not kick off the evening by upgrading your relationship and bedroom Kung-Fu before you go get blitzed!

Take a Sex Educator To Lunch Day!

Taking Reid out to lunch can be the perfect solution for you and your busy schedule when it comes to getting non-threatening, top notch sex and relationship advice. You and up to six friends can book Reid for lunch to discuss everything you can come up with about sex and relationships while you eat! How’s that for multi-tasking? Leave work for lunch and return better at sex, love, intimacy and relationships! Who knew?

Haven an idea that you don’t see listed? Contact Reid and let’s hear it!

Private Workshops

Private Workshops may last between 90-minutes and two hours depending on the workshop. Most of Reid’s workshop and teleclass offerings are available for private booking for you, your loved ones, your groups and communities.

To book Reid for an event, discuss rates, and get your questions answered,
contact Reid at reid (at) reidaboutsex (dot) com or call 917.207.4554.