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Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of in front of a room full of adults teaching one of his many workshops.Some of Reid’s Most Requested Workshops…

If you would like to see a workshop on a specific topic that’s not currently listed, or if you would like to bring Reid Mihalko to your community, store, or organization to teach: contact Reid at Reid (at)

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Montage of sex and relationship educator teaching in various sex toy stores

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Rough Sex for Nice Folks –

Picture of a woman licking a peeled banana that's wearing a graduation cap with a red tassel to promote sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko's Blowjob Grad School workshopBlowjob Grad School

Negotiating Successful Threesomes

Energetic Sex for Pragmatists –

Plays Well With Others –

Poly-Curious 101 –

Tantra For Beginners –

Date Your Species –

Tickling The ‘Taint And Beyond –

The Full-Body Kiss –