And The Winners Are…Woodhull and Sex Geek Summer Camp Video Contest- 2019!

And The Winners Are… Woodhull and Sex Geek Summer Camp Video Contest- 2019!

First Prize: Goes to Mason Luke’s video! Way to go, Mason! They win a ticket to Sex Geek Summer Camp (2019 or 2020)!

Second Prize: KJ Schroer’s video. You win a ticket to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2019!

Third Prize: Article by Jinks Jones

Jink wins a $100 Scholarship to Sex Geek Summer Camp (2019 or 2020) and a Sex Geek Summer Camp T-shirt!

My name is Jinks Jones. I am a sex toy reviewer and sex-positive blogger. I have volunteered for three different Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summits and have my fingers crossed that I can attend Sex Geek Summer Camp soon! I want to start this by saying that there is a crisis in this country regarding sex. I’m watching freedom, specifically sexual freedom, being attacked on so many levels. I have watched in sadness and horror the media merging opinion and attitudes about sex as flippant, almost passé. To think that my young nieces and cousins have to grow up in communities and a country where they are only valued if they are virgins, how attractive they are perceived to be, or a man’s perception of how they ‘look’ on his arm as if these are their only possibilities of their worth. As a cis woman of color, I am sensitive to the intersectionality of race, sex, and gender.  Today’s cultural environment seems to scream to young girls of color specifically that they are not enough. They will never be enough. However, the one area they are ‘enough’ is their bodies. Their sexuality is not their own. They should expect to be accosted at home, at school, on the streets, at work, in public spaces and don’t dare complain. You have no value, no status in society. I want to change that message. Freedom, which allegedly the United States of America was founded up, is a right for all within her boundaries. This freedom is as intangible as the Bill of Rights, yet sexual freedom seems to be an afterthought or a right only for those who have the privileges of class and race. I want to learn how to be a better educator and advocate. I want to learn how I can use my small platform to push the notion that sexual freedom isn’t really about sex but about the freedom to own your destiny. It’s about the freedom to be who you are, authentically and spiritually. It’s about engaging with others to be their best and authentic selves without fear and judgment.

Thank you for everyone who participated!

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and Sex Geek Summer Camp 2019

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In conjunction with Woodhull, ReidAboutSex, and TheIntimacyDojo, The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2019 Contest will begin Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at midnight. Winners will be selected by’s Cathy Vartuli (who is the Dean of this year’s Camp Grad School). Winners will be announced on Friday, May 17th by midnight.

Contest Rules

  1. Videos must be submitted by Wednesday, May 15th at midnight, Pacific time.
  2. People already registered for Sex Geek Summer Camp are welcome to participate!*
  3. Videos must be between at least 1 minute and 5 minutes in length (if longer, you must complete the action items below in the first 5 minutes so we can see it quickly). Or do a podcast at least 5 minutes in length (meeting the action items below in the first 5 minutes). Or write an article at least 300 words long following the criteria below.
  4. You must mention Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and at the beginning. You also must mention Sex Geek Summer Camp and
  5. Share why you think Sexual Freedom is important, and why we should share about sex-positivity.
  6. You are welcome to include multiple people in the broadcast but prize awarded only to the person submitting.
  7. You can submit as many videos/podcast/articles as you like! Each video increases your chances of winning; however, they must be different videos. (For example, you can share about when you discovered sex-positivity, and interview other people about their experiences and thoughts as well).
  8. If you are shy or don’t feel comfortable, you can also interview someone on video and submit that!
  9. Send us an email with “Woodhull Video Contest” in the subject line to with the link(s) to your posted video/article and/or podcast (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or website). (Contestant names and emails will be shared with Woodhull for promotional purposes).
  10. Please let us know if you are a Newbie to posting in this medium … (10 or fewer videos/articles or podcasts made by you on your page).
  11. Contest Deadline: Videos must be uploaded by midnight Pacific, May 15th, along with emailed links.
  12. Prizes will be awarded by email.*

And don’t forget to say who you are, and what your business is! You deserve the recognition, too! You can use the What Do I Do worksheet here!

*If you’re already registered for Sex Geek Summer Camp and you win, your Camp tuition will be refunded or you may choose to bestow your prize on a friend!

What Will Happen If I Submit a Video/Article/Podcast?

  • As long as we can grab your video or link, it will be included on a webpage on and I will announce the Video contest with the link to that page to my list.
  •‘s Cathy Vartuli, Dean of this year’s Camp Grad School, will choose the winning videos, (at least one award will be reserved for someone(s) who are relatively new to whatever medium they submitted in!)

The Prizes/Categories Are:

1st Prize

– Win a ticket to Sex Geek Summer Camp! (You can attend this year or 2020).(You will be responsible for food, lodging and travel costs).

2nd Prize

– Registration to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2019! (You will be responsible for food, lodging and travel costs).

Newbie and other awards

– Based on number of submissions, there will be a Newbie award and possibly other Runner Up prizes. Win a Sex Geek Tee in your choice of color and size!

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