Why Is It Important To Have A Good Bio As A Sex Educator?

by Reid on November 10, 2018

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Bio As A Sex Educator?




Why should you have a good bio as a sex-positive professional? With Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com and Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com.

Cathy: Reid, why is it a good idea to have a strong bio? This is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com.

Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com and when I’m wearing the Sex Geek Summer Camp t-shirt, the green t shirt, this means a business advice to Sex Educators. Why is it important?

Cathy: You just did speaker kit?

Reid: We just did a speaker kit which is one day course to get all the stuff done that people tend to never get to to help with the speaking gigs and appearances and having a bio…

Cathy: It was great coz I upgraded my bio through that coz I was meaning to do it. It look so get to have it all done, I just submitted for ASECT so I can pull it out.

Reid: So ASECT http://www.asect.net/ is one the professional peer conferences for sex therapist and counselors and thinks like that sex educator. And again with that, with their application process if you going to be pitching a talk you needed to have your CV.

Cathy: Curriculum vitae.

Reid: Curriculum vitae. So again spending time, getting some of your sex educator friends together to do a work day to get this day done. So you have your 250 word bio and maybe just 100 word bio and you gotten written in a place on your computer where you can copy and paste. I like to signature files in Apple mail, so when I’m replying to people for a speaking gig I can just find the right signature and click on it and the email will propagate with the things that they need – bio, a link to drop box folder that has my press photos that I’ve already approved and I can tell them take their pick. Things that make your life easier that are semi-automated but you have to do the work so that it’s there for you to be able to automate it next time.

Cathy: And having a good bio, a lot of times people decide on what talk to accept in conference or what talk to go to when they’re at the conference by scheming the bio. And if yours is not polished way you don’t have credibility builders and some personal stories, we went through that at the speaker’s kit, the different things to enhance and emphasize people may not hear the message that you have it so valuable. Your bio is a little bit of a package of who you are, a little snippet where they get to decide if they wanna go deeper with you. And when you have a strong bio, you feel have more confident people are more likely to invite you to speak because one is your super ready you give them your materials right away. Like your bio is interesting and it has a credibility so people want to hear what you about to say.
Reid: And your bio is going to change over time, you’re going to like “wow” the first edit was horrible and writing and beginning things is meant to get it out first so then you can continue to improved it. Don’t feel like you get a perfect right out the gate, practice writing your bio, send it over to your friends, and get some tips. Whatever you can do to unblock yourselves so you can get the progress and the things done and under your belt so they’re there in your business and career to move forward.

Cathy: And in speaker’s kit we kind of walk them through tough part of that were they we walk people through and it kind of trick your brains some kind of way. It’s actually written before you realize it’s actually there.

Reid: There’s a lot of interesting useful ways to get stuff done and have it not occur. So [inaudible 00:03:46] are so overwhelming the exercises that Cathy’s referring to if you’re curious about getting a bunch of the things done that you need to to make teaching and getting public speaking gigs more easy then go to https://www.ReidAboutSex.com/speakerskit101 all one word and I will give you all the information and try if you want it.

Cathy: So what do you think of your current bio? What do you want to upgrade? Leave your comments below.


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