What’s Your Next Pleasure Project? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 25, 2019

What’s Your Next Pleasure Project? | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Hello sex geek! It is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and we’re back in the office because it’s raining again in Oakland it’s like pouring outside and I thought about getting an umbrella and going outside with you. But then I just I checked in and out and, and decide to do it from the desk and the walking treadmill. So, hello everyone! I’m using my new raspberry blue podcasting microphone which is right here. So could somebody comment and just let me know if you can hear me, okay? That the sound is good and this microphone plugs into my power you know inlet to the phone and it does take some power. So I’m gonna keep this video quick because my phone discharged yesterday and and I don’t want it to do that again and then not be broadcasting.


So since it, it’s a Friday right now, it means the weekend, the question I want to ask you is what’s your next pleasure project look like? For those of you who are nerds and geeks and adventurers and seekers and you know basically you play detective with your own body. What what’s your next project? Like what are you working on? Is it something about you know, sensual touch and increasing your capacity to feel pleasure or nuance sensation? Are you exploring the differences between erotic and sensual for yourself? What turns your brain on? Versus what turns your body on? Are you all of a sudden going down the rabbit hole of, of kink and things that might be taboo for you? Or are you just you know setting up shop to do some self-love? What are those things for you that you’re up to next? For me, actually I haven’t.. this is funny I’d typed in this topic but haven’t really thought about it. The answer for myself what am I into? Good Lord. Do you know what I did? You know what, my next project is and you guys can hold me to this? Is I, I have a box I have a bin of sex toys that people send me to test drive and maybe do a review and I haven’t done that. I haven’t, I have just a box just keeps getting more and more full.


So for me, I think what I’m going to commit to you is in the next couple of weeks, exploring and lowering some of the toy bin and actually test driving some of some of the things that I have to test drive. That’s going to be my thing and then maybe I’ll shoot some videos or include them in a, in these videos. I’ll show you the toy that I used that day. I’m not promising that that’s going to happen but that would actually be really a good use of my time and my sexploratory curiosities. How about you?


What else? Yesterday we talked about Sex10Online so if you’re curious about some free training videos, if you want to make that your sexploration pleasure project for this weekend, you can go to http://sex10x.online.com/. And that’s sex the number ten x online. Send it some free training videos there and, and its Friday. So how are you doing? How was your week? Share with me what you discovered about yourself this week around sex or relationships. Email me questions or leave in the comments. Things you want me to talk about in other videos. I’m really enjoying these and I appreciate the feedback that I’ve been getting from folks. The emails and whatnot about these videos. So I’m so glad that you’re enjoying going on walks with me as well. And you can email me if you don’t leave it in Facebook comment. You can email me http://Reid@reidaboutsex.com/ or you can direct message me through Facebook as well. Understand Facebook messages I tend to not pay close attention too. So if you’re inviting me to things or you’re DM’ing me the.. you know keep pinging me to get back to you because I.. those things get lost. Email is always best. That is about it. Let’s see what we have here, Hi Lindy! Hi Jason! Yeah. I guess that’s it. I’m checking out the new microphone making sure it’s working good, inviting you to create your own pleasure project.  What’s going to be next for you? Is it trying to figure out what’s the perfect lube that you need for the shower with yourself or with a loved one? Are you trying to figure out like what.. what is the thing that feels best in your butt? Who knows? It’s up to you.


But if you feel like leaving a comment, leave a comment because people read the comments and maybe you will spark something creative in an “aha” moment for somebody else because not everybody is taught about these questions. And a lot of you are nerds and geeks of the best kind and so sometimes the words that we use when we’re sharing become the inspiration for others. That’s gonna be about it. I’m gonna, I’m gonna say goodbye before my phone dischargers and I wish you all an amazing weekend. And checks, check out http://sex10x.online.com/ if you want some free training for the weekend. That’s it. For more rainy Oakland where we have to stay inside and come back to the treadmill desk. This is Reid Mihalko signing off. Have a great weekend everybody. I love you all. Bye!

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