What Your Lover’s Body And A Wineglass Have In Common!

by Reid on July 24, 2018

What Your Lover’s Body And A Wineglass Have In Common!












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Reid: Hello everybody. It is Reid Mihalko, broadcasting to you from http://www.Relationship10x.com, where we take your relationship and expand it by a factor of 10 in just 10 minutes a day. Oh yes, oh yes we take bite size nuggets of information and we give it to you a little easy thing to chew and swallow on and help integrate into your relationships.

Today, we’re talking about this is our free fourth bonus video. If you haven’t watched the other three, check them out because this is all for the holiday seasons and you’re probably asking yourself right now like, “Reid, what do you have, why do you have a wine glass?” Well, it is the holidays but more importantly today, I’m going to teach you something really important that will probably make you better in bed.

First off, the other three videos we’re talking about just a quick recap, thank you again everybody for the comments, for the sharing of all these videos. I hoped they’ve been super useful for all of you. I’m really enjoying the interaction so please, keep the interaction coming as we near the holidays even more. But basically, we’ve been working on how to create your relationship so that they’re more self-expressed and less worrisome, how to create more romance so that your occurring to your relationship is more romantic for your loved ones and this was actually really easy so go back and watch this video if you haven’t. That was video number one.

And then also helping you become better communicator and how to have those difficult conversations, how to be more self-expressed and not hiding in your relationships and walking on eggshells anymore and we talked a lot about that on the last video.

And then of course today, is our fourth video which our bonus video also for free which is how to listen to their bodies, to your partner’s bodies and also, I’ve got my partner Allison waving to me off on the side. She is reminding me that I misspelled worrisome, so there you go. It’s all now fixed and now she’s more happy with me.

Alright so how do you listen to your partner’s body and this is where the wine glass analogy comes from and why I have a wine glass. So, what I want you to do imagine, for those of you who are watching this video, and again, we’ve only got 10 minutes so I’m going to hit my timer on my iPhone.

Imagine that you have a wine glass in front of you and I want you to ask yourself that question for those of you ever tried to make a wine glass sing, what are you paying attention to? When you try to make it sing? So actually think about that for a second like what are you trying to pay attention to and I teach this in a lot of my different workshops so I give you some of the answers. Basically when we’re going around the rim of the glass, we’re kind of paying attention to pressure, like how hard are you pressing, your changing the pressure. You also paying attention to rate or what I like to call frequency. Okay. How many times around the rim of the glass you’re going? How fast? What’s the speed? And then the last but not the least piece, if you’re playing along at home, is you’re probably paying attention to whatever the friction is. How wet the moisture that’s going around? And so the friction, that’s the third thing that you’re paying attention to.

So what I want you to do is I want you, if you have a wine glass, go grab one. I went through all of our glasses in the house and I couldn’t find one that actually sing as really easily so just imagine or maybe we’ll put some sound effects after but pay attention to or mimic at home, you’re actually trying to make a wine glass sing and pay attention again to like pressure, to rate, to frequency. But more important as you do this even if you just pantomiming at home, where do you go in your body, in your self-awareness to see if you’re getting closer to making the wine glass sing or further away? Are you listening? Placing your head where you’re going, is all your attention in your fingertip?  Are you kind of looking at the glass, are you looking intently, are you looking where the soft gaze like where are you going, where’s your attention going when you’re trying to pay attention to if you’re moving closer to making the wine glass sing or further away.

Now this is where I want you to go the next time that you’re playing with your partner. The next time that you’re making out, the next time that you’re making love or having sex. Even for those of you who don’t have relationship right now, just try to think and figure out where do you go? Where’s your wine glass place? Now where you go in your head that wine glass place, okay. This is going to be very, very important and useful because this question, “Where is your wine glass place?” is where you want to go the next time that you’re with your partner? This is that place, it is the best advice I can give you for how to improve your sex life. We can improve it by teaching you better skill sets like this is how you play with, genitalia. These are some techniques, this is how you could use your finger or use your palm of your hand whatever those things are. This is how you could use your face. We could teach you those skill sets but more importantly you being able to listen to your partner’s body to find out or to track if you’re getting closer to creating more pleasure and maybe orgasm or further away. Are you moving closer to creating excitement and something fun for them or you’re moving further away? Your ability to listen to your partner’s body and hear that is the best advice I can give you for how to transform your sexual skill sets, your sensually skill sets. Doesn’t have to be just sex, it can be cuddling, are you creating more pleasure by snuggling a lot tighter? Or should you be more relaxed?

These things are really, really useful and the wine glass place where is your wine glass place? Is one of the most important things I could teach you and this little nugget is probably one of the most useful things and I teaches in all of my sexually skill set classes.

So if you want to increase your sexual self-confidence, learning how to listen to your partner’s body is a great tool and can transform everything. It’s almost like having a great sense of balance. Without a good sense of balance, it’s hard to do any kind of physical activity. Without a good sense of self in where your body is in space, hard to be a gymnast, hard to be a golfer, hard to be anything. So, this idea, where is your wine glass place is the concept for today and as your bonus concept.

Now, if these information, if a little 10-minute video in we’re like, we’re only on 5 minutes right now. I’ll set another 5 minutes so I can teach. If this concept, this nugget of information is useful to you and the 10 minute window you think you could commit to, couple of times a week or maybe once a day, if that’s important for you to improve you the sense of your relationships, maybe you and I even in a relationship but just improve your sense of “wow! I’m going to be really good at relationship when I’m in them”. If learning this 10-minute chunks is useful for you, then what I want to invite you on is the next video, the final video I’m going to share with you guys is, I’m going to introduce to you and describe to you an entire program that I’m going to lunch on January 1st which is basically going to last 45 days that window from January 1st, where we harness that New Year’s resolution that excitement, we’ll going to try to do all this amazing things in the New Year. I want to harness that energy on January 1st and launch and blast off Relationship 10x and we’re going to end on February 14th.

If you’re interested, in checking out more on this little nuggets and then having me holds your hand for that period between January 1st and the Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested in learning more information like, where is your wine glass place and in that program, I actually show you how to apply that to the person that you’re dating, or the person that you’re eventually going to date or the person that you’ve been married to for 20 years. If these things are interesting to you, then in the next video I’m going to walk you through an entire 6-week program plus a whole bunch of bonuses on how you can transform your relationships by a factor of 10 in 2013.

So please leave your comments below, let me know how you’re doing, is this information helping you. In the next video, we’re also going to announce the winner of… the end of the video we’re going to announce the winner of the sex geek t-shirt. The person who created their romance homerun.

So if you haven’t watched the other 3 videos, now is your chance. Go back, watch video on which is on romance and love languages and creating your romance homerun. Re-watch or watch for the first time, video two which is all about difficult conversations and how to have them and how to handle your own emotional upset when you’re having difficult situations with your partners because they don’t handle surprise well. And then the last video that we had was all about understanding and working through this idea of self-expression vs. attraction. Why trying to make people attracted to you isn’t working anymore and is actually killing your relationships and how the new relationship economy is all about self-expression and why we now measure the success or should be measuring the success of relationships by depth rather that duration of longevity. And of course today, where’s your wine glass place?

So leave all your comments below. Where’s your wine glass place? Is it on your finger, is it something that you hear, is it visual, and is it in your gut? How does your wine glass place occur to you? And you know what, just because of the holidays, I’m going to end early. I got time. Maybe we’ll add that on to the next video.

So this is Reid Mihalko, from http://www.Relationship10x.com. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this video have been useful to you. Whether you stick around for the next video or not. Happy holidays and you may have an amazing 2013 by a factor of 10. Bye.

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