Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Yes, No, Maybe List

by Reid on June 9, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Yes, No, Maybe List




Reid: Hello everybody it is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and I am going to this one really quick and I’m going to practice since I don’t have my walking treadmill how distracting this is if I actually try to walk with you without some sort of steadicam holding my phone and I’m going to and I have less than twenty percent battery. So I also don’t know how long this is going to last. So it’s gonna got to make it quick. Plus tonight I’m going to be at the XBIZ Awards the actual award show for the adult side of the sex Ed industry and the porn world. So I have to go and get dressed for that as well. So let’s see what’s going to we’re going to walk up, we’re going to walk up this hill. I’m in Los Angeles and the.. you can let me know I’ve got less that 10 percent battery remaining holy crap! I didn’t plan this well but we’re going to make it quick ‘coz I wanted to do a live broadcast.

So Yes, No, Maybe lists. This is sex advice; this can be really great for yes this is a quickie Debbie. Yes, No, Maybe lists and I’ll send a.. put a link to a Yes, No, Maybe list I made but this are great things for you and your lover’s potential lovers to do where you go through and fill out a list that has all kinds of things. You know would you you know do you like kissing open mouth? Do you like this activity or that activity? Are you into open relationships? Are you into you know whatever having children even? I guess could be on a Yes, No, Maybe list ‘coz you can have a relationship version as well but they’re generally in the kink world and in the sex geek world, these are for you to figure out what you’re a Yes to? What you’re a No to? I would never want to do that and then what are those things that you’re a Maybe to? And you can do these lists with them even when you’re single or celibate or still a virgin. So you can start to figure out and ask yourself questions would I be into that at all and if you’re doing it with a partner or with a friend then you compare notes and see what it is that you’re what you’re curious about, what you’re definite know about and these kinds of lists can be specifically for certain kinds of activities you can find a general list. So you might want to Google search Yes, No, Maybe lists and see what you find and I will put the link maybe not today but soon I’ll put the link in the comments or you can download a free version of mine from one of my classes an online course called http://sex10x.com/ and if you want some free training videos on that and an invite to actually do the actually do the online course you can go to http://sex10xonline.com/.

So do some research, Google some Yes, No, Maybe lists. That’s going to be our quickie because at some point my battery is going to die. So this was a super super quickie one. I’m sorry I didn’t prepared better and that I didn’t have my battery more charged but bye from lovely L.A! While the sun is setting and I’ll post some pictures tonight from the XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles. Mwah! I was I was nominated for one of the sex educators of the year with a bunch of other fabulous sex educators and let’s see who wins tonight and we’ve all won just to be nominated is an achievement.
So bye everyone! Links coming soon. Ciao!


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