Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Sex On Super Bowl Sunday

by Reid on June 30, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Sex On Super Bowl Sunday



Reid: Hello everybody it’s Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and I’m here with guest star Allison Moon of http://girlsex101.com/

Allison: Hello.

Reid: Hello and we’re in a in a room

Allison: The least interesting room in our place

Reid: The least interesting room at the in the depth the bowls of the fashion district here in downtown Los Angeles we’ve just completed the sexual cell sexual health expo which you can find out more about it in http://www.sexexpo.com/. And we are… I’m exhausted I’ve been running around on my tux for two days haven’t all blast and I don’t know how you’re feeling?

Allison: I got a got a [Inaudible 00:00:42] I’m great, great.

Reid: Yeah, yeah [Inaudible 00:00:45] with me.

Allison: And you’ve even working really hard and even run around the whole weekend.

Reid: It was super super fun and for those of you who don’t know about me in my lineage my dad played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for two years back in the late 50s and I’m the worst son ever. Sorry dad. I’m just not a good football spectator so I didn’t even know it was super bowl Sunday this weekend and feel like you you knew more than I did.

Allison: I’ve only learned because somebody told me that the Falcons were playing and they cared.

Reid: Yeah but you look a.. you’re a baseball fan?

Allison: Fan? Well, so I’m from Cleveland so

Reid: I miss something.

Allison: We just a block football out of our brains we like to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Reid: It hurts too much?

Allison: It hurts each time

Reid: Yeah.

Allison: each time
Reid: But I grew up in New Hampshire so go Patriots but I’m also not an underdog fan so the Falcons you know what everybody’s a winner everybody’s a winner when it’s super bowl.

Allison: That’s actually not true.

Reid: But

Allison: I’m just saying it’s not true

Reid: Oh there’s a looser I guess

Allison: It’s a kinda weird for me

Reid: But the real question is, are you having sex today on Super Bowl Sunday? We obviously are not.

Allison: Speak for yourself.

Reid: But maybe

Allison: It’s a lot happening down here. Where’s my other hand? You have no idea.

Reid: Woohhh Lord so we are Facebook living and basically telling you even though I’m tired we think that that one of you at least should have sex today and you have any tips for like super bowl Sunday type sex? Maybe a bet between partners or friends on who’s the Falcon fan, who’s the Patriots

Allison: Don’t eat too much cheese dip before you have sex and a half time show

Reid: Oh, halftime show quickies halftime show quickie.

Allison: Well, some people watch football just for the halftime.

Reid: You could try to have sex in between commercials

Allison: Maybe having sex during the game every time there’s a turnover and possession you switch.

Reid: That could work.

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: So we got Katrina who needs the sport ball anyway that is true that is true for some people it’s kinky maybe they don’t like having sex with the television on but on Super Bowl Sunday they leave it on.

Allison: All those pants, all those granking.

Reid: All those whistles

Allison: Unbridled testosterone dripping through the television site?

Reid: Oh yeah

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: Let’s do it baby.

Allison: Take pants. What?

Reid: Wow.

Allison: Suddenly I’m getting into it I don’t know.

Reid: Yeah that’s right

Allison: You are the captain of your football team.

Reid: I am. I was the captain of my many football teams.

Allison: And now we’re having dirty talk.

Reid: Yeah okay. Sign in to the cheerleaders. So yeah so make make you know what it’s a game day make a game of sex today have fun with the sex that you may or may not have and you can have it solo there’s no reason why you can’t be enjoying yourself while America shows up and enjoys their favourite sport, any other advice?

Allison: I love you.

Reid: I love you too. We almost forgot to do I almost forgot to do my life today so make rain some emoticons if you want as we leave where can people find you?

Allison: http://girlsex101.com/ or on twitter @ girlsex101 or hey AllyMoon.
Reid: Alright. Bye everyone thanks for watching the Facebook lives that we did, that we did at the expo this weekend on the x biz Facebook page or the sexual health expo Facebook page so go find those other videos they should be on my feed because I’m tagged in a lot of them and thank you everybody have a great Super Bowl no matter who wins. Mwah!

Allison: Go Falcons. Go Falcons.

Reid: Go Falcons. Go Patriots. Go get laid.

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