Using Video and YouTube to Reach New Audiences, Inspire Your Followers and Touch Lives #cconvideo

by Reid on August 15, 2019

Using Video and YouTube to Reach New Audiences, Inspire Your Followers and Touch Lives #cconvideo




Reid: Alright. Let’s start, let’s start, let’s start! Good morning campers!


Cathy: They’re not necessarily campers.


Reid: Shhhh. Let them do it. They can identify whoever they want to identify Cathy.


Cathy: Yes


Reid: See? She’s on to me.


Cathy: You see the


Reid: That’s why it’s Good morning, good morning, good morning! Our hashtag today, #cconvideo. This is Cathy Vartuli clearly labeled and I’m Reid Mihalko clearly labeled. How many of you are meeting Cathy or I for the first time? Okay Hi.


Cathy: Welcome.


Reid: Good morning, good morning. Know that I’m basically the comic relief, she’s the brains of the operation. Cathy take it away.


Cathy: Just you know, we are videotaping this if you don’t want your voice on video when you if you ask a question just say “I don’t want my voice on the video” and we’ll take the voice out and just type in the word so that there’s you know privacy.


Reid: You could also disguise your voice by making funny voices but you don’t have to.


Cathy: So I’m really excited about this topic because we…if you’re here, you want to make a difference in the world, you want to be able to touch people, reach people that really need you but don’t know how to find you, don’t even may not even know the solution is out there and about 12 years ago, I was stuck. I didn’t know how to I had had abused as a child, I couldn’t work through my sexuality, I was terrified and I didn’t know where to look and YouTube wasn’t a big thing back there and I was embarrassed to go to the bookstore, I was embarrassed to go to the library, I couldn’t ask my doctor so I was just stuck. And when we have videos, there’s people up in the middle of the night at 3:00 in the morning going “am I broken around sex? How do I talk to my husband around the fact I might have herpes?” All those things the…the middle of the night is when people get up and they’re like “oh my god this is too much. I need help.” And they type it in and wonderful Google spiders and YouTube and Facebook live come here all…all the solutions, here are the people that can help you and to me that’s a miracle because we didn’t have that 20 years ago that didn’t exist at all and we get…we get to create that and video is really fun because it’s a way for people to feel like an article is very kind of impersonal. In video you have facial expressions and the tones and everything like that so for me that’s very exciting and you get to make that difference. We just want to show you ways to do it faster and easier so that you can make a bigger difference faster because there’s there are people out there literally dying because they don’t have the information you have in your head and video is a great way to get that out there


Reid: Yeah.


Cathy: so they can find it.


Reid: And this whole thing is going to be very pro video and if for whatever reason your privacy needs or that you can’t have your face on video, there’s workarounds for those


Cathy: Yeah, we share some.


Reid: things and if for some reason you can’t have your voice on video as well, there’s workaround for those things but the idea of especially for visual learners and with you know how many people are now watching video on their smartphones you know which is the new thing for privacy like I can watch and my phone is always with me so my partner or my mom or whomever isn’t going to be able to get my web browser unless they actually go into my pocket. So people are feeling more encouraged and more emboldened to reach out and find information and video is going to is going to continue to be one of those growing situations and I forget what the exact number is now but you know like in the next three years it’s what does Brendon say?


Cathy: We have some right up there.


Reid: It’s probably right behind me, yeah. There we go, it’s all that what Cathy did.


Cathy: So for Facebook live alone, there’s eight billion B billion views per day and every day or yeah per day, three thousand hours are watched worth of time are watched and it keeps increasing. The nice thing about lives is people tend to stay on longer because they’re not sure it’s live, they don’t know what’s going to happen so they tend to stay three times longer than if it’s an archive like a….an already recorded video and they’ll get ten times the rate of comments, there’s a regular video well, so one in five Facebook videos now is a live video and that’s growing. The only issue with Facebook live is you have three seconds to grab the viewers’ attention before they click off.


Reid: What’s the…what’s the…how many seconds on YouTube, is it longer?


Cathy: About nine to ten


Reid: Really?


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Oh, wow. Okay.


Cathy: Facebook people are scrolling down, they have all the other things and you have the cats doing really cool things right down here and there’s your video so you have to do something entertaining or give them a really detailed punch line right in the beginning so they’ll want to stay.


Reid: So this is where things like how…what you title your videos and how you open your videos it can help you a lot because even as you’re going live, when people…people either jump into the live recording or something that happens on my channel a lot is people are watching those videos later and then they’re also binge watching those videos.


Cathy: One after the other and we’ll show you some tips on doing that specifically in a few minutes. For YouTube live, YouTube live there’s 15 billion videos watch per day, 114 thousand years’ worth watch per day of time watch per day


Reid: [Inaudible 00:09:30]


Cathy: And in a given a month, eight out of ten, eighteen…nine year old 19 year olds watch a YouTube video and it’s 60 percent growth year after year, you’ve got about 10 seconds to grab which is not a lot of time but we’re going to tell you a really simple trick that can up to triple your…your viewers. So we’re just going to go over and we’ve kind of talked about why you want to promote because you can tell people that would never be able to…they’d be too scared to reach out to you otherwise, they wouldn’t even know that a possible solution existed. You’re the person that’s bringing them a solution, you are their hero, they’re going to want to know more and there’s ways you can help them find you more and more.


Reid: And they’re just going to be more and more people getting on smartphones all over the world globally. I forgot what the exact number is but Brennan Bouchard is one of the geeks that we…


Cathy: He said three billion more people in the next couple years.


Reid: In the next couple of years so that’s 3 billion new people online having their privacy in their pocket and now having the freedom to start searching for the answers that they need. And one of the reasons I’m such a promoter of diversity in our space especially around video is they’re….they’re also not just looking for good information and some of them are newbies, they don’t know what good information is but when they see your face and how you talk, somehow they connect to you like they don’t want advice from the golden retriever on espresso of sex education me they want you for whatever reason. So the more diversity we have and the more of us who are shooting videos, the more we can help everybody when they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.


Cathy: Yeah, it’s really exciting for me and we’re going to end this with doing a Facebook live for anyone together, for anyone who wants to be on that so that we can


Reid: we’ll invite you to come up and get behind us while


Cathy: we’ve find that a lot of people once they do their first video, they’re like “oh my god”


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: “They’re doing videos all the time” so


Reid: And when we show you as we set it up and you’re like “oh, that doesn’t look too complicated.” And then you’re on and then your friends are like “when are you starting videos?” We’re sneaky like that, we’re sneaky like that.


Cathy: And we’ll tell, we’ll tell you how to optimize and promote so that you can get the most people. For videos in general, you want to add things regularly whether you’re doing…there’s a lot of different places you can put videos. We like YouTube and Facebook live but they’re certainly not the only ones you can do, people are doing Instagram, people are doing Google+; the nice thing with YouTube is they go back and forth they’re both posted both places. But you want to do it regularly it’s like you know people….if you see someone over and over again or have the option to see them regularly, then it’s like they become friends, they become more trusted and also the Google spiders are out there looking for information. If they see you posting regularly then they’re like “oh you’re real, you’re not just a one-shot wonder. I can send people to you.”


Reid: And Google spiders is just is just a nickname for how Google search engines look and judge content.


Cathy: So they kind of crawl they…they crawl in the content.


Reid: The spiders go out on the web and then bring all the information back to Google.


Cathy: And say “oh, go there that’s a good spot.”


Reid: ‘Coz you’re like “why spiders?”


Cathy: So my analogy is you want to feed the spiders regularly. Yeah question? Yeah that’s what you can do for….for YouTube especially. I…what I do like Reid and I get together every you know eight weeks or so for six to eight weeks for work time and we’ll just shoot twenty-five videos and we put them up, we upload them unlisted and take all them at you know make sure the titles are right in the descriptions are right or everything


Reid: Prep everything


Cathy: Yeah and then just release it over time so you don’t have to do it all. With live, you can just shoot out on the you know Reid shoots them, he doesn’t


Reid: I shower this morning in the hot tub and was talking about you know hotel sex tips and then there’s stranger comes into the hot tub and I’m like “well, he’s going to get an earful” and he ended up being like a marriage family therapist and he’s like “that was interesting stuff.”


Cathy: Not to release them from unlisted to public which you can promote them in Hoot Suite for sure.


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: And you do want to generally promote them over time because people don’t necessarily find them the one time you release them. Engaging title? Questions work really…really well. If I ask you, “when was the last time you had sex?” Your brain has to think about it, you…you get another couple of seconds. If you start with a question, all of a sudden you have…they’re like engaging they’re like “when was the last time I…oh, wow it’s been almost a week. I have to…” you know like you’re partly engaged already. So starting with a question that relates to them and the thing is you don’t want people that are unrelated to you like if…if someone’s trying to trick a woman into bed, I don’t want them necessarily. I don’t want them as a customer unless they’re really willing to make a lot of changes. So they’re not drawn to your question or to your topic, that’s okay.


Reid: It’s a way to self-select, it’s subtle but it can be really powerful.


Cathy: Yeah so and you want to you want to have keywords in the title so the spiders not appoint people there so you know you…you can you…it doesn’t have to be super long but you want to have keywords like what is this about blowjobs or oral sex things like that whatever you want to put in there, make sure it’s in the title in the question because that will help the spiders know if someone types in how do I give a good blowjob, oh here’s this article on or this video on


Reid: How to give a good blowjob


Cathy: Yeah. Title… you know ask yourself why would the viewer want to tune in, why would they want to watch this video.


Reid: More tips, start your video with the question and then give a quick introduction. So we’ve got the question to kind of hook people and then who are you or you know really quick like this is what this video is going to cover, I’m Reid Mihalko from ReidAboutSex and creator of sex geek summer camp lalalala.


Cathy: Yeah and then you want to get to the meat of the talk pretty quickly. Some people have really long introductions, they don’t know you well enough to know if they want to know that much about you, just tell them your name like if you’re at a cocktail party, you’re like “Hi. I’m Cathy Vartuli, the Intimacy Dojo” and then you go into some stuff. You can weave in more information about you later, tell a story later once you’ve given them some value but you don’t want to overwhelm them in the beginning.


Reid: Yeah and if you’re a production nerd and you want to make more work for yourself, you’d say the question then you’re like you know this is my name and lalala and today we’re going to talk about boop and then you have your little intro that you cut in, you edit in which then lasts long enough for YouTube to be like that’s a view so even if they don’t watch it anymore you get the magic number of the view.


Cathy: So people seen if you ever …if you’ve ever flipped to a video and you saw there were only three views or 100 views and you’re like “Ah, it’s probably not good.” You… normally getting a bunch of views it’s like “oh there’s a thousand views or 900 million views like I want to watch this.” So views are valuable. YouTube it’s 8 seconds, once it’s watched for 8 seconds, it counts as a view; for Facebook live it’s 3 seconds.


Reid: And I would just recommend don’t, don’t even think about intros yet. I don’t have intros like it’s….it’s not important. Create


Cathy: And long intros will hurt sometimes.


Reid: Yeah create great content, keep the audience engaged because you have great speaking skills and then just do your job to educate them.


Cathy: If you don’t want to be in film.


Reid: You can interview other people so you can be like the…you know cameras point of view so all…your entire YouTube channel can just be the camera pointed at somebody else and you asking questions.


Cathy: And your voice can be on it or not if you don’t want to.


Reid: You can do kooky things like sock puppets and whatnot like it like again like and then all of a sudden it’s like that’s super engaging


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: like sex education from a sock puppet


Cathy: Oh, yeah


Reid: like that could be a whole YouTube channel.


Cathy: We had like campers, two campers couldn’t be on the…on video for personal reasons and they were wanting to shoot a sex toy review to win a prize and they got… we just give out little ducks as prizes [Inaudible 00:05:29]


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: and they had the little ducks talking to each other about the toys so all you ever saw was their fingers and the ducks and the sex toy but it was really fun


Reid: Yeah and you think like “wow like that’s really cheesy.” Some people like love that and then it’s just interesting in a way where so many people are beyond the…the doctor and the white coat kind of you know very dry medical education so now ducks and then they’re engaged.


Cathy: Yeah it makes it fun and you could just film like if you wanted to have PowerPoint slides or whatever you could just record that, you don’t ever have to show your face if you don’t want to.


Reid: Yeah so we could take this PowerPoint, we could put our edit the…the mp3 to it and just show that and then if for some reason we didn’t want our voices in there, then you could like script it or take our talk transcribe it and then hire two of your acting friends or two you know two people from acting college to actually just play each other and then do a recording. So there’s ways for you to take care of your privacy needs if you need to.


Cathy: Yep


Reid: yeah


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: It’s…it’s impersonal but you don’t know what accent that person has like they might have a really thick accent and then so they’re just pulling you know they’re using the Siri voice to…to narrate and take care of their privacy needs you know so there’s just those there are different choices, it’s more that the point is if you need your privacy you can still do video and reach people.


Cathy: So when you’re making the…in Facebook live and in YouTube, anything you want to have a description, there’s a place almost always for a description. You want to make the first line or so catchy because Google’s going to show that. When you see the list you see the title and then you see a couple lines always, you want to make that catchy and if you use blowjob for example in your title, you can use oral sex or different words that are similar to that in your description so it gives the spiders different ways to find you and depending on the person if they’re really triggered like they may not know how to say things or they might even misspell things so often sometimes even misspell things and the keywords at the bottom because people masturbate, people misspell all the time. So I’ll put the miss…common misspellings and the keywords so if someone’s triggered at 3:00 in the morning and they’re like “I can’t even masturbate what’s wrong with me?” They may not be spelling very well. I don’t spell well even during the middle of the day.


Reid: So that’s a good thing when I spell things


Cathy: sometimes


Reid: Excellent


Cathy: Yeah. If you type in common misspellings in Google, it will pop up some of them.


Reid: Somebody has a search engine for that like somebody…somebody’s already thought of that and there’s a way to…to find those resources.


Cathy: Yeah, just ask Google. Yeah so, yup.


Reid: Well, it’s amazing and especially


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: when you’re you know people are…are typing with their thumbs these days, right?


Cathy: Yeah, yeah.


Reid: Oh, that’s a whole other rabbit hole isn’t it?


Cathy: Oh, yeah that can be different.


Reid: Yeah, so everything…all our key…all our keywords should be ducking?


Cathy: Not fucking


Reid & Cathy: [Laughing]


Reid: somebody tweet that go!


Cathy: Yes. Yeah


Reid: Yeah, exactly there you go.


Cathy: Yeah but you want your description to be….tell them why they’re going to watch this, what…what are they going to get out of this because you want to invite them in. It’s not just like I will tell you like it’s like you will leave this video knowing three best tips on how to how to give a great blowjob something like that.


Reid: Engage your audience, mention you know please leave a comment, say hi to live viewers, I…just as a habit and I’ve trained my viewers now on Facebook to be like hey you know let me know where you’re watching from like where are you signing in from because that’s just the easiest question for people to say like “hey where…where I am? I’m in West Virginia” and then we’ve got people from all over the world just dropping it in that seems to be really fun and now people just do it automatically if I forget to say if….they’re like “Hi from West Virginia.”


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: And that’s just a fun way to get people commenting in a way that’s really easy. You can find something else if…if you want asking you know the question is like you know “have you ever had sex in a hotel?” Like if I did that this morning in the in the Facebook live on hotel sex tips that would have been a great question to ask and it’s a way to get them to engage.


Cathy: I actually like the fact that you ask something innocuous first because when people are nervous like answering where they’re from is they don’t care if their friends see that. “Did you ever have sex in hotel” that’s a little more personal like


Reid: Yeah, are you wearing pants like some people will…will think it’s funny and answer however but some people like “I don’t want people to like my mom watches these things. I don’t want my mom to know I’m not wearing pants right now.” So you might you know “have you ever cheated on your spouse?” Like no one’s going to answer that comment.


Cathy: yeah


Reid: Right?


Cathy: Yeah, so and Reid’s really good at getting the engagement. It’s really…you can watch some of his Facebook lives and you’ll see how he does it in just a couple minutes but watching that kind of engagement, the interaction with the people talking to them and talk to one person at a time because there’s only one person watching it, one brain is absorbing each at the given time so you’re speaking to them very personally, they can make them feel welcome and warm. You also want to have your URL in there in the description, they just found you you’re amazing, you they’re like “oh my god you have the answers.” They need to know where to go to find you, to go deeper with you.


Reid: yeah and where…where can they go bonus points if you can send them to a link that has an easy way for them to give you their name and email so then you can build a relationship with them and help them more over email so whether that’s the free you know checklist or the free worksheet or the…the free video or something like that


Cathy: And YouTube’s made it really easy, they have cards now that are mobile friendly that you can put in and you can copy even just you use them over and over again


Reid: And they pop up at the…on the screen


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: at the end


Cathy: My….my three best tips on blowjob on giving a blowjob you know if you want this download you click on it, it goes give me your name, email I’ll send you that. So you can set up cards and you just plop them into videos at different times and cards are at the end where you can see them but they’re mobile-friendly which is really nice.


Reid: Better videos are always introduce yourself like we said and tell them what you’ve been talking about and why? New viewers haven’t seen it like they don’t know you yet, so it sounds repetitious, we just did sex geek design studio for the first couple of days before Catalyst Con and…and every time somebody spoke on the mic for the camera, the…the classroom etiquette was you know “It’s Reid Mihalko from” and everyone’s like “God like this is getting repetitive.” I’m like I want this to become automatic for you so that when you get up in an audience in a room, you just say your name and your URL like it’s normal rather than like “Uhm, ah it’s Reid Mihalko.!”  Like when you get weird, people think it’s weird. When it’s just your thing and it’s smooth, people think it’s smooth but it’s good habit because people are meeting you for the first time all the time and so on video just keep doing that even though now that you shot 20 videos and you’re like “Ah, I…I hate that I keep saying that.” Imagine that don’t…don’t forget the new viewers that are watching you for the first time basically.


Cathy: Well, it also helps. This is my fifth year at Catalyst and the first year I came, I’d just been shooting some videos with Reid really I was so shy like I would kind of hide in the corner of the video and it’s a great thing too if you’re shy with videos, get someone who’s good to do some with you but he was like “people are going to recognize you there” and I’m like “no, no, no.” So he had me bet five dollars for every person that came up and recognized me and I would always say “I’m Cathy Vartuli from” and people came up to me like “You’re Cathy Vartuli from the Intimacy Dojo.” And I’m like “five dollars” and it’s


Reid: I made, I made some good money on that conference and she never took the bet again.


Cathy: No, no. I’m not I’m not stupid. But it was really empowering and they…so hearing it over and over again anchors it for them. You’re their safe person that…that kind of they hear that and they’re like “I’m going to get some good stuff.” So it’s kind of a touchstone for them too as well.


Reid: Yeah. Be natural, be yourself, you don’t need to be professional like be…have expertise with how with the information you handle but if you’re shy just be shy, if you’re quiet be quiet, if you’re a muppet on espresso be a muppet on espresso like be yourself because it’s not just how you look and that piece about diversity, it’s your personality is what other people are connecting to and so just be you because the authentic piece of it that resonates is also how people now are…are learning to trust you. Is that “Oh you’re you, foibles and all.” The…the day of the perfect expert like now you’re a politician who’s hiding something


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: and people don’t trust that anymore.


Cathy: Yeah and one of the things…Reid actually taught me this so I’ll get on video and I’ll say “I am nervous talking about this subject.” I own what like I’m not it’s not therapy, I’m not making it their problem but I own it so that you can tell that you know people can tell when you’re nervous. I used to when I talk my hand would shake so much, the laser would make people nauseous like moving so much but like if you just own it, one it helps you feel “Okay, I don’t have to be so nervous” but it lets them know what’s going on or like “hey, I’m having a bad day and bad headache but I just wanted to be here with you guys, you matter enough.” Like let them know you might be a little off.


Reid: And that…and that allows them to realize “Oh, I can have a headache too. I would be nervous talking about this topic. It’s okay that I’m feeling nervous listening about this topic” like these things are really subtle and nuanced but they run deep for folks.


Cathy: Yeah. It’s really cool to wear branding and or have branding in the video too because visually, it anchors it. You have a logo in the background, you could be labeled, you wear a t-shirt with it with the logo, and just…it helps them anchor over and over again. You want them to associate your business with a place that’s safe and also helps them drop in faster in the future. So it’s just like “Oh yep, this is the right place. This is my safe space.”


Reid: And you don’t need to do it like you’re not broken or doing a bad job, get the information out there and be you like get you out there and then you can do subtle little upgrades. For me on…on my YouTube channel, when I’m wearing the green camp shirt that’s the signifier that this is a business video. When I’m just wearing my regular sex geek t-shirts, it’s regular relationship and sex advice and then on Facebook live I ask people, I’m like…like “Do you care what shirt I’m wearing?” They’re like “no dude, we can read the fucking title” and I’m like “oh okay” and then I got all these comments ‘coz I would wear all the shirts I have from all my college lectures and they’re like now people are commenting on the shirt. So again like you can do it whatever way feels fun for you and is great for your audience but every once in a while you know dropping your logo and letting people know you know that this is what you do you know and you have a business that can be helpful too but it’s not mandatory.


Cathy: Yeah, one of my favorite tips is to get the video transcribed. You can get it done for like a dollar a minute on, cheaper on  or  or find a friend that loves to transcribe. What you can do with the transcription is you put it in the description on YouTube, we also repurpose all our videos. Everything that’s on YouTube or Facebook live also gets posted on our websites with the full description, the full transcript that gives the Google…Google spiders a lot to chew on. You’re going to naturally use your keywords over and over again, you’re not stuffing them, you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re just you’re not saying “Car, car, black car, blue car” that stuff…stuffing means you’re artificially creating keywords so that people will go to your website if you were selling cars for example but you’re going to naturally talk in a way that the Google spider see is natural and they’ll send people there. Also it makes it super easy to pull out tweets and Facebook posts so you just pull out some sentences, tweak them up a little bit and there you go.


Reid: And then over time if you’re looking to do an e-book or an actual book, book you have transcripts of your content already in the words you use and you can hire an editor or do it yourself but you can start taking those transcripts and putting it together like a book and then combing through it and just making it sound book rather than live video.


Cathy: Yeah, it’s always good to verbally remind them “please leave a comment, please like this, please share this with your friends”


Reid: “Please subscribe, please on Facebook, post this to a group if you think this information will help.” If you tell people to do things, you’re not dooming them in this kinky way but then you’re giving people ideas and some people are getting so much out of the information, they want to do something with it so tell them something smart to do with it.


Cathy: Yeah and a lot of times you don’t think you’re like processing yourself and you’re like “If you know somebody that could benefit from this, would you share it?” And immediately like “Oh my god, my aunt Sue and my cousin Bob they…they could use this stuff.” And you know then it’s…you start reaching more people.


Reid: Yeah, if it was a…you know you’re giving a conversation during you know a hurricane or something like “hey, if you want to donate here…here you know donate to this group or this that or…” Like again like you’re just kind of being yourself and empowering people to take action. Sometimes all that is…is click subscribe.


Cathy: And generally, you’re not going to ask them in videos generally to buy things unless it’s a very low price things like a t-shirt or an intro product. They don’t know you that well yet in most videos unless they’re an old-time customer. You can certainly try that out but generally, they’ll subscribe, they’ll like, they’ll get on a newsletter, once you have them on a newsletter you can do some more marketing to them and help them deep go deep if you want to go deeper on this,  here’s my five week course or whatever.


Reid: Yeah. If you want to go deeper, here’s my you know sign up for the three free videos and then if you really want to go deep, you can join me in my three day seminar you know happening in a couple of months but then you’re just you’re pointing them at resources to continue to teach them for free or educate them on the thing and let them decide to buy. You telling them to buy stuff in your live videos, it doesn’t work as well.


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid: And…and it


Cathy: You can mention it and give the URL of that stuff.


Reid: Yeah and it makes you seem salesy


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: but if you’re like “hey, you know I’m…I’m going to Catalyst Con, if you’re interested in going to Catalyst Con go to and then if you want to register, register like it’s you know we can you can come up and talk to me in person. So you can do it that way, it’s very different than “I’m running this retreat. Buy now.” That’s not what people are watching like they don’t want a commercial, they want education.


Cathy: Right and you can mention them “I’m preparing for my retreat so I’m a little frazzled, I’m so excited about it.” You can talk about it like you would talk to your friends but don’t [Inaudible 00:09:04]


Reid: And you can drop the URL, if you want more information go to sex geek you know and then just keep going.


Cathy: Yeah. So one of the things I really love about geeking out on this is there’s ways to make it much more effective for different mediums just like if you were teaching someone to give blowjobs you wouldn’t say “everybody likes this technique.” You teach different techniques that work well with different people for them to try. So Facebook live is somewhat different than YouTube. You can cross promote them like Reid’s live videos, I’ll go on his YouTube channel and then there also his webpage, it doesn’t mean you can’t put them in different ways but for Facebook live, so generally for shooting a video for YouTube or most of the media’s out there, you want to keep it short around 2 minutes, 5 minutes max. You don’t want to go much over that because people see have you ever clicked on a video and you see 13 minutes you’re like “Ah, later.” Later means I’m never going to do it.


Reid: Yeah and that window, that browser window that you’ve had open for 3 weeks that you lose when your browser finally crashes because you have so many windows open you’re never going to watch that video.


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Like and everybody else is doing that and it’s even worse on phones ‘coz you…you can’t see all the browsers so like you know you’re scrolling you’re like “when did I open that up?” And then you’re like “holy shit.” So again like understanding the behavior of people with technology and how do you stack the deck in their favor to get the information which is also stacking the deck in your favor.


Cathy: Yeah, it’s both…so generally the rule is 2 to 5 minutes that’s what and we hardly


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: ever meet it. We’re bad.


Reid: And some…somewhere I read that it’s…it’s three minutes now for YouTube or something. I


Cathy: Yeah, they try…. it keeps getting shorter because all they can cut videos. People are trained that I can be entertained in in 60 seconds. Facebook live is different though on average    that they say the shortest you want to go is 10 minutes because people are tuning in so they say make sure it’s not less than 10 minutes because it doesn’t give people enough time to tune in up to…you can do a Facebook live up to four hours and different topics will engage your audience in different ways.


Reid: It’s four hours now?


Cathy: It’s four hours now.


Reid: Oh, well awesome.


Cathy: Yeah so


Reid: It was it was 90 minutes and now it’s four, that’s exciting.


Cathy: Yeah, you can also have a you have go live notifications so you can tell people they’re coming like notifying them ahead of time so people can know that you’re going to be there or you can email them to or tweet and say “hey, I’m going to be on at nine o’clock, I’ll be in the hot tub at 7 a.m. you know join me.” And one thing that’s really important too that Facebook live, they say they the average engagement is three times more for the live than the…the for the


Reid: Replay?


Cathy: the replay but you can get a lot of people watching the replay, so you want to make sure you introduce your topic right away so they’ll know if they’re watching the replay, they know what they’re what they’re listening to. So with the other people you want to actually you got to introduce it a couple different times, you want to introduce it right away for the people that are watching the replay and then you also want to introduce it in like two to three minutes in or people start coming on and they want to see


Reid: Yeah, the people are showing up late.


Cathy: Yeah, yeah. So and invite your audience to follow to follow the videos, share the videos, you do that really well.


Reid: Yeah, so I got into a situation where I…I friended everybody early on because I…I knew I was going to use my personal page for business and…and that was fine for me because my privacy settings are you know that everyone gets to know everything and you know my partner’s mom is very excited not that to find out that I don’t have chlamydia yet again via Facebook. So I hit the friend limit of five thousand but then Facebook kind of finagled it so that people would you know if they tried to friend me, they…it became an automatic follow so they would still get the notifications about the Facebook live videos. So how… regardless of how many friends you have, tell them to follow. Don’t tell them to friend you because you don’t unless you want to friend a bunch of strangers, tell them to follow you and to invite their friends to follow you or share this video with your friends and then that way you know you’re building up followers and I have almost 6,000 followers on Facebook plus 5,000 friends so those are opportunities for people to get to know information and then eventually maybe come to a workshop of mine.


Cathy: Yeah and Facebook is really promoting live videos, so you want to introduce yourself, you want to invite them to follow because they’re going to promote it to more than the people that are already following you and then you’re inviting people to share with other people as well and make sure your battery is charged.


Reid: I get…Cathy likes the battery shame me so


Cathy: Almost everything you know


Reid: because my…my iPhone I’ll…I’ll be like “oh, I’m going to Facebook live again today” and my commitment this year was to Facebook live once a day for the entire year.


Cathy: Which is done amazingly, he’s done really well.


Reid: I’ve been very good except in places where you know I couldn’t and I just tell my followers I can’t but the…my battery will sometimes you know get really low in the middle of a broadcast and Cathy likes to shame me about that.


Cathy: I like to tease about it.


Reid: You know and it is an iPhone and Cathy you know can’t talk about the company she works for but let’s say maybe Cathy has a strategic advantage over my iPhone than Cathy’s iPhone. You can’t if you’re using a really awesome microphone that allows you to speak on a windy bridge and everybody to hear you. So for those of you who want to extra battery shame me, there’s a reason


Cathy: Sorry


Reid: So check it before you record, oh my Lord. Classist.


Cathy: [Laughing]


Reid: U-huh…people can’t hear them on the camera but she said “get a new phone!” I’m like “uh-huh…uh-huh”


Cathy: You also want to make sure you have a good connection ‘coz it’s not fun when you drop off and people are like “are they coming back?” So yeah sorry, I had affected you.


Reid: It’s okay Cathy, I know you like to shame me.


Cathy: Facebook is now letting you edit the videos a lot more than they used to so if you…you…you broadcast it on your phone, you post it but you can go in afterwards on the app, on the on your desktop and there’s more editing possibility to notice.


Reid: Yeah, I didn’t know that’s something that’s…that’s fairly new. There’s also a way to flip the camera lens so that then sex geek people can actually read


Cathy: We’ll…we’ll show that when we do the Facebook live.


Reid: ‘coz yeah, ‘coz the first couple of months everyone was like “your shirt’s backwards” I’m like “I know everyone. I did the research and we haven’t….Facebook hasn’t fixed it yet.”


Cathy: But they finally did.


Reid: So it’s fixed now.


Cathy: Yeah and just for some of you who came in late that and for all of you, there’s a handout over there and you can get the whole video, we’ll afterwards for videotaping that at  and you can get the video.


Reid: CC video or CCON video?


Cathy: CC video


Reid: Okay


Cathy: Yeah but it’s yeah there’s more handouts in the back if you need them. The handout has the URL on it so, yeah that’s the hashtag but for my U…the link I made was just CC video. Sorry just to confuse you guys. It would be…what would’ve been better


Reid: Keep you on your toes, keep you on your toes.


Cathy: It would’ve been smarter if I did CCON yeah. You can edit them, make sure you’ve ended your Facebook…apparently a lot of people have thought they ended and they start talking or they hit end and it takes about three seconds for after you hit ending the video for it to actually stop broadcasting. So one when I was doing research for this to see what other people had experienced, apparently they’ve said things they shouldn’t say


Reid: Yeah like you hit finish and like “fucking morons” and then you’re like “oh, really? Now unfollow.”


Cathy: Yeah and they recommended just panning around and Reid does this really well. He puts another selfie stick and show people where you are, different venues will get them they get excited about that.


Reid: Yeah, selfie stick helps and if you have forearm problems and wrist problems then get a tripod because you know you’re…there’s leverage and….and that can be a pain if you’re talking for 10 minutes.


Cathy: Yeah so we’re going to review on YouTube and then we’ll show you some of the things that we can do with the different ways.


Reid: Yeah, we’ve got 30 minutes.


Cathy: Okay, thank you. So you can edit videos in YouTube directly like in YouTube after you’ve posted them you can also edit them before you upload them and the YouTube does have a live version that a lot of people like. I haven’t really played with it. I you know prefer to be able to edit out really big to post or not post them “I can’t believe I said that. Okay, delete.” Again, two to three minutes long you know five minutes just to keep them….our videos typically go five, six, seven minutes because we both have a lot to say but and people still watch them. We have people say like “hey, it was home sick the other day and I’m binge watch a bunch of you’re a bunch of your”


Reid: Yeah, I’ve had emails that are like “I literally watched 16 hours of your videos yesterday” and I’m like “Why?” But if that’s 16 hours of somebody getting to know me and my work and then you know hopefully join my email and then I invite them to the three-day retreat I’m teaching in December in Orange County and they’re like “holy shit like I’m coming.”


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: and so this can again, I’m also helping people by getting information to them for free but it can if you position it right, get people into your rooms, into your workshops and buying your programs.


Cathy: Yeah, you can make playlists too which helps with that so if the…you know we have ones that I…I work with people that are shy and awkward around sex and marketing and so you know I have playlists for people that are shy or Reid has ones on polyamory or threesomes so they can go through and watch that and Facebook just introduced playlist as well. So you can have playlist where they can go and just watch video after video after video on the same topic and generally in people that are really interested, if they’re finding good information, they’ll just “oh one more video.” Have you ever done that? Like middle than you know 3:00 in the morning like “I’m going to bed. Just one more video.” Entice them into bad behavior I guess.


Reid: Ethically bad behavior.


Cathy: Ethically


Reid: Consensually bad behavior.


Cathy: Yeah, you want to…you can talk about and say like we sometimes have like we have another idea, we’re shooting a video about blowjobs and we’re like “Oh, we need to talk about this.” You can say “hey, we’re going to shoot another video on this topic, stay tuned” and then you include that link in the video so they automatically go to the next one or you can have a little card that will point them to that video later because that can get them excited in watching then you can do a whole series where they end up just doing that one more video thing and learned a lot from you.


Reid: At any point, if you start to feel overwhelmed you’re like “there’s so many steps,” just go back a few steps to where it feels comfortable. The most important thing is getting your video done and out there to your people


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: with a question at the beginning and a good subject line to get them engaged.


Cathy: Yeah and some…invite them to do something


Reid: Start there.


Cathy: at the end like “hey, at the end of this like please like this, please subscribe so you can see my other videos, please sign up.” When you’re doing YouTube, there’s tags at the bottom keyword tags, you want to use as many as you can there that helps the Google spiders point people at them and that’s where I use the misspelled words, I don’t put them in the title because people like you know people that aren’t triggered or bad spellers are like “What is this? This is going to be a trick corny.” But they don’t actually see the tags at the bottom, you can put all the misspellings there.


Reid: Now, I just want to do a video on how many ways you can misspell masturbation


Cabthy: I will put that on the list.


Reid: There you go. Sells itself


Cathy: Yes


Reid: YouTube cards, they’re mobile friendly you can use them to have people go to what’s next. We’ll give you a little idea of them. Again, for a lot of people it’s like “oh my god, this is getting technical” and you shut down and then you never shoot a video. At any point, when it gets too technical just go back to steps and get your videos out there.


Cathy: Yeah, we wanted to make sure you had all the information that you could pull from but it’s much better to get a video out there with none of the steps than to not get any video out there.


Reid: and then you just grow into these things or you hire somebody who is a nerd about this kind of stuff you know and to do all the behind-the-scenes work.


Cathy: So the cards are useful like I said once you program them, you can just plop them in like once you create a card for your newsletter or for a particular program you’re offering or you know whatever you can just put them in any of your videos really easily and I really like the…if we’re doing in social media, I’ll try not to get this in your eyes, you can use a link in…Erin helps Reid out with some and for me sometimes…on the back, we can tweet out “hey, subscribe to my YouTube channel” and you can see I have a link right there if you changed that last bit to your particular channel name on Facebook or YouTube, it will automatically subscribe them. So they click that link and they’re like already


Reid: As long…as long as they’re signed in to YouTube on their phone


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: or their laptop then it just subscribes them. So these are you can use social media to promote your other social media channels in ways where people can then follow you and then you’re just getting information to people and showing up in their lives on all these different apps and you’re doing it you know and again like if you create shitty content and you’re being sleazy with your sales and stuff, please don’t take any of this advice like really help people, that’s how you build a career.


Cathy: Yeah, yeah and…and these are just ways for you to help engage more people. The end cards we talked about cards a little bit, they made they just converted that it used to be…we’d make outro videos at the end we had


Reid: We had such good outros.


Cathy: I know and we’d annotate so you can click on the links that we’re on the video and they took that away because it wasn’t


Reid: It didn’t work well on phones.


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Everything’s going towards phones, 80% of the population you know of the population who’s on social media, they’re…they’re consuming a lot most of their social media from their phones. If you’re not setting up your sex education businesses to work on phones, you’re…you’re missing out on engagement and…and consuming of your information from a lot of the world and it’s just going to get more and more like that.


Cathy: Yeah and there’s all kinds of different things you can do videos on if you’re you know some people are like intimidated, they don’t know when to start. I love interviews, I like to talk to someone about it, it could be demos, reviews, and you’ve shot your live events? You…behind the scenes you did that when you were setting up.


Reid: Yup you can do all kinds like basically, it’s kind of like you know whatever feels fun for you, I would say do what’s fun because then your audience sees you having fun and if they’re going to come hire you to do heavy topics that have a lot of icky feelings and shame and they need healing from this or from that, wouldn’t you hire the fun person that looks like they’re having fun? So start there, when in doubt do the fun stuff first.


Cathy: The only thing is if you’re doing a Facebook live and you want to do and ask me anything which is very popular, you can you know type in that they can ask any question you want. If you don’t have a lot of followers yet it’s kind of embarrassing just to sit there


Reid: Critics


Cathy: Yeah, so either ask your viewers to send in questions ahead or ask a couple friends to come on and start the ball rolling or you know have a list of questions that you pulled from the internet because you don’t want to just sit there and go


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: “Oh, so no questions, what do I do?”


Reid: So another tip that that I don’t think so on the slide is if you’re using your phone to Facebook live then by all means, if your arms can handle it selfie stick’s great, however selfie stick far away these eyeballs I can’t read shit, right? So like when I’m trying to get comments I’m like peering in like an old man and then putting it back like so what I do is I just don’t really engage with the comments during my Facebook live just because I can’t see it. One workaround is do your Facebook live on an iPad something bigger so that you can read things or maybe get Lasik or something who knows but….I’m not sponsored by them and then you know but like if you’re going to do live engagement while it’s happening and…and talk to them ‘coz you’re not going to type a comment while you’re living, an iPad might be the fix for that. I’ve been doing fine not engaging with the comments then but after the broadcast I’ll go in and like or answer a question or something like that. So again like the point is do what works well for you and don’t sweat the rest of it until you’re at a level where now you’re doing keywords and stuff later or someday I’ll get a freakin’ iPad and then I’ll be talking to my audience but I couldn’t do and ask me anything with my selfie stick because I’d be doing this the whole time and that would probably get people seasick.


Cathy: Yeah, well you can have sometimes people have moderators for bigger like if they’re doing Facebook live, they’ll have someone had reading the questions to them or helping answer questions people has


Reid: Yeah, if I was going to do a two….two hour free workshop and broadcast it, I’d set it all up on because I’m not going to hold the selfie stick for two hours, set up on a tripod, and have somebody else in the room on their phone or laptop and just be yelling questions at me and it wouldn’t feel it would have this kind of telethon feel which is working for some of the info marketers out there really well. They’ll do a four-hour live training, a live cast training and then give all this value help and then you’re getting to know this person like “oh and by the way I’m doing a four day training that’s $1,200 you know go check it out here.” And so the free training and having some…some support people, I just it’s fun, I haven’t done one yet but it does it feels like a telethon.


Cathy: Yeah, no that’s good and that’s…that’s an important point, a lot of people used to think you had to have these perfect videos that were video shot with these super high end cameras. People generally don’t trust them as much as someone who’s just like you want decent lighting so they can see you but if lighting isn’t even as important as audio, crackly or bad audio will turn….people will turn it off but they…they actually they found that there’s a three to one trust ratio. If you’re really polished they’re like what are you trying to get over on me versus someone being more natural up there.


Reid: Yeah somebody having a green screen where they’re projecting some kind of like ESPN thing behind them and then they’re sitting you know in their thigh and being like “And welcome to sex Ed cast” but then you know Bob pulled the camera back and they stand up and they’re wearing shorts and you pull back and you realize they’re in their garage all of a sudden, you’re chuckling but at the same time you’re like oh I can trust this guy like he doesn’t have a lot of money so this he hasn’t been corporately bought yet.


Cathy: It’s someone like me


Reid: So you can you can do janky in a clever way, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Most of you have in your pockets right now all you need to start Facebook living today.


Cathy: Yep, so we just we talked about a little as we already went on, they you know you when you’re releasing your videos you want to have them, you want to have as much information already there. Facebook or with YouTube lot…. you’re allowed to post it as unlisted and then do all your magic and then make it live because then when it goes out, what they do…what YouTube does is it looks at how many views you’re getting before it promotes it. They don’t promote it at all and so you get three to five hundred views and then they seem really hard at first


Reid: So it won’t come up as other videos to watch, it won’t come up because if nobody’s watching YouTube’s like it’s probably a crappy video so we won’t promote it.


Cathy: One thing we do is we…there’s people on Fiverr and you have to be careful about this. You can’t buy a number or set number of views, that’s illegal and you could lose your channel. There’s people that will promote it to their social media though and so we’ll sometimes do that to get an initial boost and sometimes we do that before we even release it as….as public just so that we can get when it goes out, people like “oh, there’s some views on there. It’s safe to watch.” Because we…it matters and we’ve gotten subscribers from them promoting. We’ve had people like “I never thought I’d watch a video about this but thank you.” So it’s…it’s kind of fun to do that. At Facebook live they really recommend to tease and promote ahead of time especially if they’d said if you can try to do it at a set time, Reid obviously doesn’t and different audiences like to watch at different times so if you had to test that, there’s actually a way on Facebook to look and see when your maximum viewers or maximum activity is on for your audience but just try different things and different venues and see what works but if you can tell them “hey, I’m going to I’m going to have a Facebook live at 2:00 at 2:00 today” then more…more people are likely to show up for it. And then with YouTube, you want to just promote regularly, release it regularly. Like, share and comment


Reid: Yup


Cathy: We already talked about.


Reid: encourage people, promoting….continue. I thought it’s like promoting can’t I’m like “why would you even say that on the slide?” Keep the videos engaging you know just so you know like and again like engaging doesn’t have to be like “hey, everybody!” Engaging is like teach well, engage them with content that they can use in their lives. Again, if you’re sleazy or you’re just a horrible teacher a lot of this advice doesn’t work unless you’re…your core audience is people who want to see a train wreck that…saved that for reality television not for the sex educator world.


Cathy: Yeah, when you share your video link on YouTube you want to share the full link so this is, this shorter link not all the views always count like there’s a condensed link that they that YouTube gives you there’s that doesn’t always count all the views that you get so it’s just a little thing


Reid: It’s a little nerdy thing that I


Cathy: I’m nerdy


Reid: don’t know why it’s a glitch, we’d think YouTube would fix it but


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: use the longer link for YouTube videos


Cathy: Yeah. We already talked about repurpose your videos if you want to post them on your, your, your website, you want to tweet them, you can pull out information, you can make an info graphic, you can you don’t have to use them just for that, what’s there?


Reid: You can also take your video and cut it up into little bursts


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: and…and upload it into Instagram or Snapchat and things like that. Again, when you become overwhelmed with all the social media, stick to the platforms that you that you use and start there to build up momentum. If you hate like you know using Snapchat or you’ve never used Snapchat before, don’t start using it right now. Get great at the social media platforms you love and the ones you’re already using add other ones on and the way you will do that is usually by…by figuring out how to do it and then paying somebody to do all that stuff for you so that you can focus on the things that bring you a lot of joy.


Cathy: Yeah and you can use Hootsuite if you’re familiar with Hootsuite you can…like what Reid said don’t overwhelm yourself but if you’re at a place where you want to automatic…automate…automate that, you can use Hootsuite so you can have tweets scheduled and…and Facebook scheduled for…for quite a while ahead.


Reid: How much time do we have?


Cathy: You want to make sure that we can….yeah, let’s do the Facebook live?


Reid: Cool. I’ll start setting it up.


Cathy: Okay, well we want to watch while you set it up.


Reid: Oh that’s right.


Cathy: Yeah, it’s not a problem.


Reid: So while we while we set this up, turn to somebody next to you and share something that’s been useful from our talk so far to get to know each other, ready set go! Five, four, three, two, one and sing. So I’m going to sit down so that I’m not blocking everybody’s view for a minute. So real quick, I’m going to I’m going to advise you if you really want to get into Facebook live to check out one of these microphones it’s a Shure I want to say it’s an MV 88 I think I could be wrong, it’s great and it has this little app that you’ll download. I just want to show you the thing so you know what you’re looking for. I do not need you Siri, thank you. And it’s the this one the motive


Cathy: You’re not showing.


Reid: I’m not showing. Why am I not showing?


Cathy: You are, a minute ago.


Reid: There you go. So when you plug it in, it’ll show you the app and you can set a bunch of things that just are…are really useful and I have a video about that but it makes the sound quality so much better just so much better and spend the extra 18 or 30 bucks for the wind sock because you literally can be like on a on a bridge with like and your hair is like whipping but on the microphone it’s like “Hi, I’m right on this windy bridge and everything sounds amazing.” So I would advocate for that because if you get into this it’ll just help with your sound quality


Cathy: Yeah but don’t let it stop you like you can use a


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: a twelve dollar lavalier mic and…and to your phone and still get going.


Reid: So you go to go to your you go to your profile, click live and then


Cathy: Maybe you’re going too fast, I think.


Reid: Oh, okay so you open up your Facebook on your personal page or you can you can do that you can set this to your professional page too


Cathy: Only if you’re verified.


Reid: Oh, only if you’re verified. I…I would use personal because it…it you get better results but that’s…that’s me and I understand not everybody wants to use their personal.


Cathy: So we click live, there’s a little live button on there


Reid: And then you add your description so I’m just going to do live from and now if you’ve liked Catalyst then you do the @ for businesses and…and why am I getting a network error? But we’ll find out. Live from Catalyst Con with @ where’s my @ sign…the Intimacy Dojo come on


Cathy: You pulled up Cathy before


Reid: Hang on. This is not my first Facebook live Cathy.


Cathy: I


Reid: It’s telling me network error so I might be getting a…I have to go…oh there you go whatever so Cathy where’s Cathy Vartuli alright so that’s…that’s my… again, I could do this better with a question so then I’m like “Oh have you Facebook live I’m just going to be clever from Catalyst Con with Cathy Vartuli?”


Cathy: Question


Reid: Alright.


Cathy: Our brains will still like it gives…it still has to process


Reid: It’s silly but it’s just it’s just interesting, right?


Cathy: Oh


Reid: Oh, hang on. I don’t want anyone getting any naked photos that was a close one that was a close one. Oh gosh darn it. I have to add this in now…ah! Hang on. Cathy teach something.


Cathy: Okay, the nice thing is you can type in something short here but you can go back in later and edit it and make it prettier so like he doesn’t have to like put a huge long description. You can edit it from your desktop so you can have even…one thing I have is a text file with a lot of things I copy and paste regularly into there like Reid and I do a lot of videos together so Reid Mihalko from  and Cathy Vartuli from with the HTTP all that is already there and people, other people I shoot videos with regularly have that there so you could have little things that you pop in really quickly it saves some time and…and


Reid: Okay, so now you hit done and then that little magic wand with the star you hit that and then that little wrench and screwdriver you hit that and then you flip horizontal, if you’re going to just do ho… horizontal don’t do the upside down one because then you’ll be upside down on your video.


Cathy: But then your shirt will now read sex geek not whatever, the backwards of that words.


Reid: And then I can start live video now but then from here is when I would close the….the tool box and then I go over to the microphones and set up my microphone. I can’t right now because it’s plugged into the one port for…for your viewing and then I stick it on to my selfie stick.


Cathy: And if you want to be in the Facebook live, you’re welcome to come up.


Reid: Yeah so we’ll…we’ll have to


Cathy: We’re actually doing it.


Reid: do it this way


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Which….we’re actually…it will be more fun if we do it this way so then you can see it


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: on itself but then people can’t get behind me


Cathy: Oh, we’ll work it out. We’re smart people.


Reid: So if you want to be on this, so now everybody


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Now…now that the cords going to pull this over so I’m just going to hold it which but now I’m going to hit the blue button and then by the powers of the technology


Cathy: Are we live?


Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from


Cathy: If you like to come up, you’re welcome too.


Reid: Who’s…who’s behind us?


Cathy: Who


Reid: It’s Cathy Vartuli from


Cathy: Oh, Hi. I’m here. Hi we’re here at Catalyst talking about how to use video to promote your business.


Reid: So if…if your heads are not in the picture because my head’s blocking it, then move. Who are you two behind us?


Isabel: Hi, I’m Isabel and I just got lost [Inaudible 00:05:42]


Reid: Hi Isabel.


Cathy: Hi Isabel


Reid: And then you sir? If you want to out yourself to the world


Dr. Dave: Yeah, I am Dr. Dave


Reid: Hi Dr. Dave


Cathy: Hi Dr. Dave


Reid: So everyone as you as you sign on, say hi to Isabel and then say hi to Dr. Dave and then Erin Tillman from going to pop in and photobomb. Hi Erin! So we’re doing a video today on video and we’re doing a Facebook live video and now it’s trying to reconnect which maybe you can see that? Yeah


Cathy: Yeah, they can see it.


Reid: So again that just means it’s either the Wi-Fi because I’ve got the set on Wi-Fi right here or your cell phone signal got you know isn’t strong enough and it will your phone will continue recording so don’t be like “fuck damn! Motherfucker ah!”  But it’s just not broadcasting


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: So if this picks up again which it may not, go with the flow folks it’s live but it will when you finish and we could finish here because we’re going to run out of time


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Alright? So thank you all


Cathy: Thank you.


Reid: So technical difficulties but if it were to reconnect, there would just be basically like a hiccup in the live video like not from the live because people are watching now if nothing’s happening, it’s kind of frozen but when it gets viewed later, if it does reconnect it will it will show the whole video with a little glitch but the video that’s on your phone


Cathy: Now it’s going


Reid: Is it going again?


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Oh, how did I do that?


Cathy: I don’t know.


Reid: Alright, well so it’s either still going or it started a new video but it probably didn’t start a new video.


Cathy: Well let’s finish so


Reid: Okay. So these are the things like…like


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: with the video when there’s a glitch and it pauses, when it reconnects you’re now you’re now live but from my phone, when I hit finish and we’re going to we’re going to leave now because our time is almost up so thanks Facebook. Okay, so now I’m going to hit finish, it’ll end the live video and then this is useful if you have…I don’t know why the light doesn’t going to flash. Hang on. It’s just being weird.


Cathy: One thing to notice too is there’s a lag sometimes when you’re on Facebook so if you say something and you see comments coming up right then, that that was stupid. Why did you say that? They might have been referring to something you said a minute or so ago or you know why did you say that or what did that mean, you…you have to kind of watch some people will have the…their desktop in front of them on mute so they can see that where the comments are actually coming up on what the people are seeing. That’s one way to do it and you can actually see the comments bigger at that point. But there is a lag so like you could be…you… if…if they’re not really articulated you may not know what question they’re asking or what they’re asking about but there’s…there’s often a lag between when it’s uploaded on.


Reid: Well, well that’s the thing I’m trying to tell you or because I want to show you but it’s your phone still recording the video so if I could get this window to close and I don’t know why it’s not doing this but then there’s a…a post function and a…up or download button. Hit the Hi-Def piece and then download the video to your phone so it’ll save all the video on your phone so you have it in case you need it and then you hit upload which it’ll do automatically but it’ll just be faster from your phone and so then it’s all a like the live broadcast is captured by Facebook it’s…it’s up in the ethers on Facebook and then you’ve also saved the video on your phone so that you have it in case you know Facebook takes that video down. ‘Coz I’ve had a couple of videos like get taken down mostly ‘coz I’m talking about blowjobs and stuff like that but I haven’t been put in Facebook jail yet for video.

So as long as you’re not like whipping dildos around, if you’re just teaching and using your hands and diagrams, Facebook seems to be fine with it. Yup, you could if you want to get a little bit more nerdy about it.


Cathy: Social Lights are kind of fun, they’re just like clip right on your phone and they’re like $20?


Reid: Yeah, I mean if you want to go ring light then go ring light because ring lights are awesome.


Cathy: Social light? It’s


Reid: Yeah, yeah


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Oh, you…you look amazing.


Cathy: It’s a little LED light that clips over the phone and it’s hollow in the center so it clips over the camera and they’re like $20 and USB chargeable.


Reid: But now remember, everything you put on that


Cathy: If


Reid: on that phone is making it heavier


Cathy: unless you’re on a tripod and then it doesn’t….


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: Yeah and then


Reid: So but for me it’s all about like going for walks around my neighborhood and just talking to people and that people seem to enjoy that and it was my excuse to get the fuck outside rather than stuck at my computer the whole time.


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: Alright, any…any last-minute questions? Are we at our time yet? We’re out of time so ask us questions in the hallway, Cathy has to go to another talk. Thank you so much for being here this morning. Sorry about the glitch but that’s not our fault, it’s Facebook’s fault.


Cathy: And if you want the copy…a copy of this video, go to and it’s on the handout.


Reid: Yay! Go make video.


Cathy: Yay! Yeah make a difference.

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