Thank you, Sex Geek Summer Camp 2016 Sponsors!

by Erin Tillman on May 4, 2016


I’m so excited to announce 2016’s Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsors!

PLEASE check out their websites, Share and Like these YouTube videos all over social media, and generally give these companies some sex geeky love… Why?

Because these companies make Sex Geek Summer Camp possible for so many sex educators to attend!

(To attend –and also be fed– at the only 5 day, sleep-away, business retreat for sex educators and sex-positive workshop leaders/entrepreneurs at less than $100 a day… Our sponsors are angels!)


Thank you, MyLAB Box -a home STI Testing kit company- for jumping on board first as an official 2016 Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsor! MyLAB Box is the first-ever service empowering users to take control of their health by testing for STDs at home. I encourage you to be safer sex geeks and by communicating with your partners and get tested regularly. Check out my interview with Co-Founder of, Lora Ivanova!

Get STI Testing at Home! – Part 1

Get STI Testing at Home! – Part 2


Thank you, Überlube for being one of 2016’s Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsors! As a lube with countless multiple uses (Überlube isn’t just for sex!)… It’s a paraben free, Vitamin E based lube that can be used to reduce razor burn, it can help prevent chafing, silence squeaky hinges, and can even be applied to hair to prevent frizz! Check out my informative interview with sex educator Amy Baldwin to learn more about Überlube!

Silicone Lube In Your Hair?!


Thank you, Sybian for joining our awesome list of Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsors! Sybian is an amazing device that you sit down on and straddle which allows sex geeks to take sexual pleasure into their own hands (or should that be thighs and entire body!). This unique, hands-free, full body thrumming vibration takes sexuality to new horizons… Check out my interview with Sybian Rep, Bunny Lampert!

A Vibrator You Sit On and Ride?!

Good Clean Love

Many thanks to Good Clean Love for being one of 2016’s Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsors! Check out my informative interview with founder, CEO, Loveologist, and lube geek extraordinaire, Wedy Strgar and learn why “being allergic to lube” is a misconception… Check out and today!

Can You Be Allergic To Lube?!

njoy Toys

This is njoy’s 3rd year in a row helping sex educators get access to cutting edge business advice! Again, thank you, njoy, for all that you do and for sending Sex Geek Summer Camp so many of your amazing toys that no Camper goes home empty handed! Go to and follow njoy on twitter!

No Camper Goes Home Empty Handed!

Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 group photo of 60-plus sex educators proudly holding NJoy adult toys and posing for the camera

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