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Be A No To “Not Yet”

They CAN Handle The Truth! Be A No To “Not Yet” Article of the Month by Reid Mihalko . Some of us find saying No difficult. I know. I’m one of those people. Yep, even me, the sex and relationship expert has trouble saying No sometimes. And I’m not alone. But there’s help for us. […]

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April’s ReidAboutSex Is Fundamental Newsletter

Reid is Nobody’s Fool as he hits the airwaves this Tax Season and learns how Spock’s Vulcan hand-sign can make us all better lovers! April was a busy month for Reid and instead of our usual “Article of the Month,” this month we’re going to spare your Tax Form-weary eyes and give you a few […]

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Show-N-Tell Sex Ed: Why Putting A Condom On A Banana Isn’t The Same As Putting A Condom On An Actual Penis…

A.K.A., How I Went From Cuddle Parties to NC17… Cuddle Parties don’t overtly deal with sex. Nor should they. But what should? In today’s touch starved culture, Cuddle Party was (and still is) doing a great job of giving people a sunggle-O-licious laboratory to practice the foundational communication skills that make the world safe for […]

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