Joseph Krammer interview Prologue

by Reid on March 9, 2018

Joseph Krammer interview Prologue











Whether you’re a sex history geek with a desire to trace movements back to their source or you’re simply looking to expand your own erotic sense of self, stop wondering and join sex and relationship expert Reid Mihako as he sits down for a candid and indepth interview with legendary Joseph Kramer, PhD, founder of the Body Electric School, The New School of Erotic Touch, and “father of Taoist erotic massage!” See the entire interview at


Reid: Welcome everybody! My name is Reid Mihalko, I’m a sex and relationship educator. Welcome to the Center for Sex and Culture. This is the, in some circles, legendary Joseph Krammer and I am still curious about the soccer. It was a traffic that… are you a soccer fan?

Joseph: It took me an hour longer than normally to come here this time. That’s all I know.

Reid: Thanks for coming. Welcome. Are you a microphone person? Do you want microphone or you just want to bellow? What feels good to you? You can hear us?

Joseph: You can hear me?

Reid: Okay, great! We ditch the mic then. Well, you and I had talked about doing an exercise to get the group present to begin with. I think this is great.

Joseph: Could the group do an exercise for me? Because I’m sure there’s people here who were good at… [inaudible 00:01:24]. A laying on of hands, the snaps, something…

Reid: Yeah, let’s do something. Just kind of scooch up to the edge of your chair. We’ll do this for everybody. You put your feet flat on the ground or on the ledge if you got that happen in. Hands comfortable how do you want. You can hang them down by your side, you can have them relax on your knees and back straight. Face some forward so your spine is in alignment. I want you to just kind of tune in for a second and just take a slow, easy inhale through your nose and just a slow, easy exhale through your mouth. Now, this time, I want you to do again, I want you to pay attention to the sensation of the air coming through your nose. And as you exhale, the sensation of the air coming across your tongue, of your mouth, your throat or anything. I just want you to notice if there’s any tension in your body or what the bottom of your feet feel like inside your shoes. Your shoulders are tense, breathe in and relax a little bit, let your shoulders drop. And then on the next thing inhale. When you exhale, I want you just make a sound and feel that vibrations in your chest and in your throat. In the next inhale, I want you to… you can continue with the sound and just feel your ass on your chair. Is there any tensions in your temples, on your face, your jaw?

And then, what I would like you to do is on the next inhale, start putting your focus toward your third eye would be or toward your temple. Just imagine what that spot feels like. If there’s tension there. Then on the next inhale, I just want you to slowly open your eyes. And one more thing I’d like you to do, I’d like you to look at Joseph and I, take a breath. Joseph will look at them. I want you to imagine that the energy your sight is going out of your eyes to us, pay attention what that feels like, if it feels like anything. Keep breathing.

And on the next inhale and exhale, I’d like you to shift your gaze so that rather than you looking at us, we’re coming to you and just let us in. Don’t forget to breathe. Hi everyone! Like some new age kind of Captain Kangaroo show. Welcome!

Joseph: Thank you.

Reid: Thanks for being here.

Joseph: Thank you for inviting me.

Reid: You’re very, very welcome. I have my little note cards and I things planned out and now that you’re here I’m like, ‘Fuck it, let’s just talk.’

Joseph: No, I have my notes.

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