Indie Author Road Trip (Day 5): Allie’s secret behind good “Car”-ma, road tripping w your species

by Reid on May 1, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 5): Allie’s secret behind good “Car”-ma, road tripping w your species






Reid: There you go, ladies and gentlemen.

Allison: I want to say for the record that this was actually on my iPad. It’s been on my iPad for a number of years ever since the Obama election when I downloaded state songs. Never thought it would be so appropriate now.

Reid: Oh yeah. They come on handy. So we were pointed in the direction of Albuquerque and now we’re appointed in the direction of Flagstaff?

Allison: Gallup for now and then Flagstaff and then Phoenix.

Reid: So Gallup, I think we’re having lunch in Gallup. That’s the idea. We just stayed with friends of friends in Albuquerque which delightful. Shout out to Kat and her partner with the kids, Kat and Lyle and their Albuquerque hospitality.

Allison: It’s lovely.

Reid: So today, we’re talking about. I want to talk about the fight we had yesterday and Allie was like, “We didn’t have fight.” And I’m like, “Yes, we did”. We’ll talk about how to navigate and negotiate arguments and things when you trapped in the car for how many hours we’ve been trapped? We’ll talk about that next time.

Allison: A good way of avoiding fights in the first place is having good car, car-ma.

Reid: Car-ma? With the C.

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: And what makes for good car, car – ma?

Allison: Well, we are a good match in many ways and one of the ways in which we’re a good match is that, I live driving and Reid doesn’t particularly like driving. So that’s for the useful long drives because the assumption is normally that I’m going to drive most of the time but at same time, he is willing to pick up slag and drive and do the long haul so that I could sleep the other day. So I think that the fit part is really useful because if something fits then you don’t require a lot tailoring on the back end and that’s one of our good things in our relationship.

Reid: You’re my species when it comes to driving.

Allison: Is that a sexual?

Reid: Totally it’s a sexual.

Allison: You’re in front of the camera.

Reid: Yes. I was right in the front of the camera.

Allison: Did they see that?

Reid: I think so.

Allison: Okay.

Reid: They did now.

Allison: It’s too subtle?

Reid: No, it wasn’t subtle. It’s never subtle for me. So we’re good fit like that. We have similar taste in music.

Allison: We do. Like Chicago.

Reid: Yeah, I do like Chicago. What else? We have similar likes, dislikes about intellectual things in geekery so there’s always stuff to talk about.

Allison: Yeah. And that helps. I mean again, this isn’t have to be in a romantic relationship but one of the things that you always say in your relationship coaching is would you be willing to drive cross country with this person?

Reid: Yeah. That’s my big measurement if I, whether I would. Either people out invite to a family barbeque or then there are people that I would trap myself into a car for thousands of hours.

Allison: Right.

Reid: There’s a difference. And then there are people that you just want to say hi to and bye to.

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: So, you’re the car person.

Allison: Oh, thanks honey. I’m the long hauler.

Reid: You’re the long hauler. That’s right.

Allison: Was that a wink? I caught that. I was…

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