Indie Author Road Trip (Day 4, Pt 2): Traditional Publishing va Self-Publishing, and Dairy Queen

by Reid on April 29, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 4, Pt 2): Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing, and Dairy Queen

Allison Moon, creator of, during a quick Dairy Queen stop in Amarillo, TX, en route to Albuquerque, NM, drops some quick advice on traditional publishing vs self-publishing and what you can do to help yourself decide which route is best for you. Self-Publishing 101 available at

Reid: So where are we?

Allison: We are in Amarillo, Texas.

Reid: At?

Allison: Dairy Queen

Reid: And what are we eating?

Allison: You’re eating a peanut butter sundae and I am eating a peanut buster sundae.

Reid: What advice do you have for people today?

Allison: In general? People today like… if I could tell the world one thing.

Reid: No, people who want to write books and publish them.

Allison: This is going to be the worst video so far. Download Self-Publishing 101 from my website. Where I tell you everything you need to know about deciding whether or not self-publishing is right for you.

Reid: Anything else?

Allison: My one piece of advice for deciding if you want to self-publish your book? Just know that self-publishing is really newly viable option but it’s not for everybody. And if you want to traditionally-published then do that. If you want to self-published then do that. But don’t choose one because you think it’s going to be an easier path than the other, neither is easy. It’s just about your personality when it fits best. It’s like choosing monogamy or polyamory, neither is wrong, neither is better but one of it is going to be far easier for you if it’s the right fit. And the other one’s going to feel like hell if it’s not.

Reid: Good. Now were heading off to, after we finish our sundaes, were heading off to?

Allison: Albuquerque.

Reid: Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Allison: We took a left at Albuquerque.

Reid: Ciao bello.

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