Indie Author Road Trip (Day 1, Pt 3) – why an author should

by Reid on April 11, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 1, Pt 3) – why an author should











Reid: Okay. Where are we?

Allison: Oh, we’re recording a video?

Reid: Yeah.

Allison: Alright. Charis books which is in Atlanta.

Reid: And why are we here?

Allison: We’re here to sign my copies of Lunatic Fringe. They’re not my copies, they’re their copies.

Reid: Okay. Go ahead, sign it. What do you signing? And why do you sign these books?

Allison: Why do I sign them?

Reid: Yes.

Allison: Generally it makes me more buy them more if it signed. So it helps to people out at [inaudible 00:00:59] if there’s something signed.

Reid: And if somebody is doing it for some self-publishing perspective, why do you sign it?

Allison: Well I think that there’s a certain credibility that aligned this and I think that also allow for people to feel like they’re special treat. I mean I don’t live here but I can come through and sign some books so somebody who would never meet me in Atlanta, Georgia or island in California has the opportunity of getting some copy from me.

Reid: Cool. And do you the website of this place that where are we?

Allison: It’s Charis Books and it’s

Reid: Cool.

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: And now, we will go back to our road trip.

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