How Do I Become A More Successful Sex Educator And Coach?

by Reid on May 15, 2019

How Do I Become A More Successful Sex Educator And Coach?





Cathy: I’d love to know your perspective on how to become a more successful sex educator and coach. Can you help? This is Reid Mihalko from and..

Reid: Oh oh, when I’m wearing this Sex Geek Summer Camp t-shirt, this is business advice for sex educators and this is Cathy Vartuli from the just come to camp then we’ll take care of it.

Cathy: It really take a while.

Reid: will give you some free training videos you can sign up for and you can learn about our 5-day business retreat where you can nerd out

Cathy: And get lots of perspectives from a lot of different people.

Reid: A lot of different sides and facets of the industry. Other thing that I would advocate for is that you start geeking out on business because there are a lot of really talented sex educators out there but the way that they’re trying to make a living isn’t isn’t working

Cathy: Yup.

Reid: And so you know the phenomenon of sex educators being broke and frustrated and struggling like that’s kind of a thing in our industry and a lot of you know people in our industry traditionally haven’t talked about it because there was so much shame and confusion and people being burnt out and just hustling and hustling and hustling but again starting to have those conversations, share best business practices with your fellow educators, workshop facilitators, you know toy reviewers, bloggers and things like that and see what’s working and that’s one of the things that we try to do at camp and what I try to do in some of my other projects just share those best practices and you know build the community for sex educators where we can talk about that because if at some business events, it’s inappropriate for you to be like you know could you read this copy on my threesome workshop? Because it just doesn’t seem to be drawing people in.

Cathy: Yeah, getting feedback because sometimes we, we know what we mean but the other people may not get that.

Reid: Yeah, and when you’re on sex educators you know we’re like oh yeah, I’ll totally take a look at your threesome copy and you know we if you if you take a look at my butt plug workshop copy and then there’s a little less embarrassment as we just kind of you know, geek out.

Cathy: Yes, and one of the things I love is noticing where I want it, where I have lack of confidence or I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job and finding a class or program or someone, somebody to learn that so like Reid’s having design studio in a in a few months where he’s helping people design more powerful workshops and you’re really amazing at that.

Reid: Thank you.

Cathy: Helping people create, you can use the same amount of time, the same amount of energy but, people walk away feeling really empowered and like maybe you’ve really inspired them and something they can take forward in their life like there’s a lot of things that, lot of skills and techniques that many people don’t know how to do you go there’s a lot of workshop, people can have great information if there isn’t for example a framework then people can’t share it with their friends, they’re just like, aahh so, you have some free videos on that as well.

Reid: Yup, we’ll put the link below because we don’t know exactly what the link is yet.

Cathy: Yeah, so we hope this helped, leave your comments below, questions, we love answering them.

Reid: Yeah. Thanks!

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