From Hand To Mouth workshop – Why Hand Sex is Awesome

by Reid on March 12, 2018

From Hand To Mouth workshop – Why Hand Sex is Awesome






Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of sharing why being proficient with using your hands during lovemaking is vital and awesome! This video taken from Reid and San Diego’s Isabella Kanold’s 2-Day workshop entitled “From Hand To Mouth: Hand-Sex and Oral Techniques for Giving and Receiving Pleasure with Female Bodies” – Filmed Feb 2011 in Encinitas, CA


Reid: Hand sex is really interesting from a male body perspective because I’m 43 now. I’m coming into that place in my life were sometimes having hydraulic issues. I also in somebody who has a lot of lovers and partners and I’ve been in an open relationships for a long time. So sometimes you’re just having a busy week and it’s hard to get that for somebody. Oh, it’s really great. It’s like, “This never… this don’t have erectile issues and they don’t ejaculate prematurely.” So it’s not like you have to study Taoism and the Tantra [inaudible 00:00:51] how to withhold to master your orgasm like, “Just use your fucking hand, dude.” And I say, “[inaudible 00:00:56], “User your fucking hand, dude.”

And so I kind of become this New Yorker like sex coach were I like, “Oooh,” like, “Just use your fucking hand” and “What if it gets hurt?” “You have another hand!” “What if I want some threesome” “Use both hands!” We just don’t think about it and I also think that for men and women like playing with genitalia for a lot of us is like I don’t want to take off golf because I don’t want to go to that period of being horrible at golf. I don’t like what my mind does to me when I have to learn something and I’m already bad at it and I think a lot of us, some of us, I’ll speak for myself like why would you want to try something that’s as culturally loaded as pleasing the person that he love with something that you think that you’re bad at. I think that some people don’t do hand sex because they think they might be bad at it whether they’re just clumsy with clits and vulvas and with hand sex on men it’s like, “What you’ll do with the knots?” so it’s easier just hop on. We know what that’s like and so I think that people whose tend to see that maybe we don’t respect the tendency that we don’t master things because it’s already awkward just trying to figure out what our partners like because they’re not speaking up all the time and then I feel clumsy and then for me as a big guy, like I don’t want to hurt people so and that’s has a lot of I’ve heard [inaudible 00:02:39] has a lot of nerve endings down there so what do I did it. And so we just kind of shy away from our self.

So that’s my theory as to why some people are so reticent to try things and like these are amazing resources once you get to hang of them and it is really kind of cool because for me it’s like make me feel freaking stud and sometimes I need that self-esteem and so now I’m like “Ahhh! These are surgeon’s hands. Come to my office.” So I could relax a little bit more in the bedroom even if I can’t get it up because I just go to this and then tomorrow we’ll talk about I can go to this too. So that’s I wanted to say…

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