Foundations of Free Love 3-Day Retreat

by Reid on June 19, 2009

Foundations of Free Love
Weekend Retreat
3-day relationship workshop exploring open relationships with Reid Mihalko and Kamala Devi

July 17-19, 2009 • San Diego, California


  • • Curious about open relationships and think non-monogamy might be for you?
  • • Identify as non-monogamous but haven’t quite mastered it?
  • • Wish you had the courage to ask for what you want in your relationship life?
  • • How about the ability to celebrate gracefully what your partner is asking for without compromising your boundaries or being overcome with jealousy?

Reid and Kamala, my beloved ones -

I am hoping I can adequately express what is in my heart. I can honestly say I am not the same person who drove down to cuddle party Thursday night. My soul is singing. For the first time in my entire life I feel as if this earth could be my home. That not only could I be here and find joy but that I can flourish and even radiate.

Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude and amazement at what the two of you have accomplished. It is absolutely life changing and it applies to all relationships. I think describing it as a *poly* workshop would be a disservice to you. That is only a small piece. ANYONE who was willing to come and listen and learn and be open could not possibly go away without knowing how to have a better connection with self, family, co-workers, all avenues of their lives.

~M.D., Utah



Whether you’re new to the concept of non-monogamy or have been practicing open relationships for years, join world renowned relationship educators Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko for three rewarding days of playful, deep and interactive exploration into the world of free love.
Whether you’re into polyamory, swinging, tantra, the kink scene, or just curious about it all, you will learn…
  • • Better communication tools and intimacy skills for whatever “lovestyle” you practice
  • • Ways to overcome jealousy and release shame in any relationship
  • • How to negotiate boundaries that honor your needs and respect your partner’s
  • • Approaches to work through difficult conversations and avoid misunderstandings
Spend the weekend with Reid and Kamala Devi as we learn and practice through interactive exercises the communication tools necessary for successful non-monogamy.*
You will also learn how to…
  • • Connect with other open-minded lovers whether sex is present or not
  • • Expand your sense of freedom, trust and joy in your relationships
  • • Navigate a sex party with grace and excitement
  • • Figure out what it is that you want in the first place!
Explore opening up the relationship you’re in or strengthen the nonconventional relationship(s) you already have… This weekend is designed for all experience levels, and you are guaranteed to learn something new about yourself and witness things you’ve never seen. As for what you experience over the course of the weekend, we’ll leave that up to what you are a Yes to experiencing. Nothing is mandatory in this course, but you are invited to explore your true beliefs on love, jealousy, sex, and letting go of control. And, for the shy: voyerism is participation as far as we are concerned!
Please join us with an open mind and heart to see how expensive Free Love really is…
It may be more affordable than you think!
  • *If you’re in a monogamous relationship and think this weekend isn’t for you, think again! The tools and practices that allow several relationships to thrive together are the same tools needed to make one relationship successful. Why don’t you and your partner consider picking up some useful skills while joining us on a daring (but safe) erotic adventure?

Space is limited, so please register early! Fee: $397


Call 858-272-2254 or email Kamala (at) blisscoach (dot) com to register!

And for special discounted Membership Rates for the entire week of Kamala Devi hosted Reid Events in San Diego, 
go to

Foundations of Free Love’s Weekend Retreat will take place at San Diego’s Emerald Temple

Kamala Devi's workshop room at San Diego's Emerald Temple

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