Finding Your Authentic Offering at Sex Geek Summer Camp with Audrey Ichida

by Reid on September 14, 2016

audrey1Can Sex Geek Summer Camp help you find your authentic offering?


Audrey: Hi there, I’m Audrey Ichida and I’m at Sex Geek Summer Camp 2016 and what I really appreciate is that Reid encourages us to find what our authentic offering is and so there’s this place where he asks you to really look inside of yourself and say what’s true for you. So it’s not about what other people want you to offer or what other people tell you should offer. It’s really about looking inside of yourself and knowing yourself, getting to discover things about yourself, and then bringing that gift to the world as something valuable. Where I think that summer camp will go in the future is maybe pushing the edges with money paradigms and what it means to have a money narrative today and tomorrow because we know that the distortions around money and the way money is handled is causing a lot of conflicts, a lot of pain and suffering in the world. And so I think that Reid is a leader in manifesting a new way of envisioning money. How money can really support our gifts and really support the interactions among humans. Reid is very gifted in all thing social. So, if you feel a little introverted, his style is very extroverted but he’s inclusive. The one thing I’d like to see…shift is the language of create a problem, sell a solution because I think that just on a meta-level defining things as problems creating problems is not really what we want for ourselves as humanity. And it would be nice to discover a new language that would be more connecting, more generating, less some telling people that they’ve got a problem. So, it’s if you go to eat at a restaurant. They don’t market to you saying your hunger’s a problem, we’re gonna solve it for you. And maybe some people have that frame of reference but it’s really more like, “Hey, you have this need. We’re gonna nurture you. We’re gonna help you feel fulfilled and we’re gonna give you something that really you need and you value.” And so I think if there could be some creative language shifts around, you could, you know, tell them they have a problem, sell them a solution. It would be wonderful when he figures out how to maybe get past that and I have a feeling that that’ll come, that it’ll you know, few years down the road so I’ll check back in with the Sex Geek Summer Camp then, and maybe come back and see what he’s done to advance our envision of the way we envision money and how we envision bringing our gift into the world. And if you’re on the fence about whether or not to come, you should think about those things I’ve said. You should look at other peoples’ testimonials and then do what’s authentic for you because I tell you, Reid will respect that. Thank you.


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