Does Herpes Ever Go Away?

by Reid on January 9, 2018

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Is there a cure for Herpes? Does it go away?


Find out with Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: I’ve done several videos on herpes and people…

Reid: People love herpes man they can’t just get enough of it.

Cathy: There’s a lot of question about it because there’s a lot of stigma and a lot of misinformation out there. And we have gotten a lot of brand new cure, please post this ,try this now, this is only thing that works. And someone said in response to those does herpes ever go away? This is Reid Mihalko from

Reid: Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: And according to the CDC –

Reid: It is not. It leaves dormant and you have a flare up and then it goes back from being dormant again. And as somebody, you’re more of a scientist than I am. You have 19 patents, you’re actually a scientist. And Cathy’s is not sitting here wasting time with me. Cathy works for a very big company doing very sciency things and you have a several dozen and a half patents like you’re a scientist.

Cathy: I am a scientist.

Reid: So, to the extent that I am not like Cathy..

Cathy: I’m not a medical scientist.

Reid: But having read the research you can have belief system you want, I mean this is America this is the world. But I would like just the science to back up your claims because as an sex educator who trying to get accurate sexual health information which include the ‘medically accurate’ in that phrase often which includes certain kind of peer reviewed, studied you know good science. I can’t further your claims unless they’re backed up because I have a responsibility to do my due diligence. You may have this amazing result for whatever cure or what not and science are always pushing and people who are not scientist and trying new things maybe someday that would become science we’ll get it peer reviewed and tested and it will be on CDC’s  website or something that.

Cathy: I think you would actually be able to cover of time pretty quickly as well.


Reid: Cure for herpes would be on the cover of time. We can talk about conspiracy theories and why medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies’ yayado we can go there, I’ve gone there. I like having those conversation when it’s appropriate. On these videos not appropriate to have these conversation they won’t come from me but basically the quick answer is it doesn’t go away.  And you can be contagious, you can be what is called no shedding even when you’re not having an outbreak. And the good news is as a sex geek clearly labelled, herpes isn’t fatal. If you have suppressed immune system it can make you prone to exposure and catching other things so again if you Conn’s disease and Lyme’s disease or HIV and things like that you have to be a little bit more cautious about certain things for the most part herpes isn’t fatal and there’s just lot of social stigma and shame and anybody who wants to leave a comment and be a meanie and be a hater and shame people for having herpes.

Cathy: Certainly the large number of people has…

Reid: I’m going to ask you shamers when is the last time you get blood test to see if you’re not positive for herpes or not. I’m just saying coz there’s a lot for people who have herpes who would test positive for it who would never have an outbreak. I am somebody who test positive for HSV1 and I never have an outbreak that I have known of and I don’t where it’s located. And can we hate less and pass around informed information about sexuality and sex positive empowerment and wellness. That’s I would like.

Cathy: Thanks very much leave comments below, if you tell us the latest cure we’ll probably delete it.

Reid: We’ll probably delete it, you know I check it out but I will probably delete it.

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