Relationships: The Reality and the Illusion… (Talk & Wine tasting Meet up!)

by Reid on January 27, 2010

Dating the Reality and the Illusion with Reid MihakoTired of getting the dating game wrong all the time? This evening might help… (and we’ve got wine, too!)

The dating and relationship scene across the country is tangled up in outdated models, mixed messages and “solutions” that aren’t working. What’s worse is, for men AND women, New York City is the simultaneously the best and the worst place on Earth to date! Heck, even the successful relationships around us are failing… Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins!?!

What is it we’re all missing?…

Join world renowned sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko as he sits down with spiritual counselor and teacher Paula Tursi for 90-minutes of discussion & conversation on how to reframe your experience and enlighten your quest for your perfect someone. Learn how  your search for a mate is really a journey  for your own self discovery.

Over the course of this insightful, comedic (and occasionally irreverent) evening, we will discuss:

  • What is that ineffable “thing” is that makes relationships work and why so many of us miss seeing it!
  • What if your mate wasn’t suppose to be your perfect lover, best friend, etc., but -instead- is your mirror for growth?
  • How dating is really a beautiful lesson in how to live consciously, how to heal your own inner demons, and transform your life (Even during the times it feels like hell).
  • Ways to look beyond the “they’re dreamy” Illusion or “Fantasy Loop” you keep getting stuck in and how to see what your no-bullshit truth is!

Are you frustrated by how much time you’ve spent on dating websites and botched, online dates, or bad relationships?

Sit with them as Reid asks and answers some of the hard questions about how we can find spirituality on our quest for Other. Hear Paula’s up front answers in sharing her own experience as she tells what worked and what didn’t and how it brought her closer to her inner light and to a real place of love and compassion instead of inadequacy and bitterness. Then join them for Q&A that just might change your relationship life!

After the workshop, join us for a social, wine meetup where you can mix and mingle  with other like-minded, single men and women whom would also like to get real about relationship.  Expand your mind while expanding your social network!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, married umpteen times, separated, recently divorced or never- been-kissed… Whether you’re just thinking about entering the online dating pool or you’ve been a member of for so long you should have been given stock options…

This workshop is for anyone who is confused and frustrated and not getting the results they want when it comes to the world of relationships in New York City and beyond!

Call Reflections Yoga to reserve your tickets before this evening sells out!
(212) 974.2288

DATE: Saturday, Feb 13th
WHEN: Talk – 7-8:30pm, Mixer – 9pm-Midnite
WHERE: Reflections Yoga in Times Square, 250 West 49 Street, 2nd Floor (Between 8th Ave. and Broadway), New York, NY 10019


Day-of ticket prices at the door…

  • $20 for Talk Only
  • $40 to attend both the Talk and Wine Mixer

Save on GROUP DISCOUNTS with advanced tickets…

  • $35 each for You and a Friend for the Entire Evening
  • $30 each for the Entire Evening when you buy 3 or more tickets!

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Paula Tursi of Reflections YogaABOUT PAULA: Paula Tursi is the Founder and Director of Reflections Yoga and the Reflections Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has been working with alternative healing practices for over twenty years. She specializes in the combination of yoga, breath therapy and meditation. She uses these techniques in her class and private coaching sessions, giving her students tools to cope with the challenges of daily life. Paula holds yoga retreats and teacher trainings world wide, where she teaching movement awareness techniques mixed with the yoga to create a clear connection of the mind and body.

Paula’s work focuses on the connection of mind and body, understanding that we move not only from our muscles and joints, but from the understanding of ourselves and how we relate to the world. Movement or asana can start from the inner or outer body, however, movement initiated from the inner body can be an expression of locked memories in the mind that have been patterned over time.

Paula holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Education from Hunter College. She did her clinical post-graduate training at the Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. She teaches classes, holds corporate workshops and offers individual instruction in breath awareness, partner yoga and spiritual coaching.

Sex and Relationship Expert Reid MihalkoABOUT REID: Reid Mihalko of helps people create more self-esteem and greater health in their relationship and sex lives, no matter what their self-expression of those happen to be.

Reid has worked with thousands of individuals from myriad walks of life, orientations, relationship styles, countries and religions. Known for his charisma, wit and emphasis on integrity, Reid travels the country teaching, coaching, consulting and collaborating. He has been a writer and producer on a number of films and television projects about sex and relationships, and appears regularly in the media.

Reid has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. He has also appeared on the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Fox News, VH1’s Scott Baio is 45 and Single, Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, Canada’s The Sex Files and SexTV, and the short-lived Life & Style, on NPR, Sirius’ Maxim Radio and Cosmo Radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, Details, People, Newsweek and The National Enquirer, as well as media across the globe in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

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