1-on-1 Professional Mentoring

Thanks for being interested in working with me on a one-on-one basis around your work and business as a sex-positive professional.

What is Mentoring, anyway?

Mentoring is similar the relationship coaching work I do with individuals and couples interested in improving their relationships and their sex lives with one large distinction: mentoring is aimed at people who work with people.

Because sex educators have personal lives, too, my professional mentoring usually ends up being a mix of relationship coaching, peer support, as well as support and advice on business, branding and PR. To put it frankly, you’re paying to have full access to all my best business practices, the ways I make my personal life sustainable, as well as the mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

My goal: shorten your learning curve.

Basic Mentoring Info

How? And How Long?

Mentoring Sessions can take place either over the phone or in person when convenient. Sessions typically last at least 60-minutes, and occasionally go a little over.


Cost for all mentoring, whether an Initial Session or Monthly Mentoring, exists on a sliding scale.

Why a sliding-scale? Two reasons…

1. When you work with people helping them become more empowered in their relationships and sexuality, I find it impossible to put a price tag on what we do. It’s literally priceless, what we do/offer as educators. I find putting a fixed, hourly figure on mentoring difficult in similar ways. A sliding scale gives me an equitable target for what I need in exchange for my time and focus.

2. And though business advice might be a little easier to “measure” (we can track results in terms of increased dollars and cents, increased YouTube views, increased fanbase, more time to enjoy your family and relationships, etc.), many of us working in the sex-positive and pleasure-positive realms aren’t actually swimming in cash-o-la. Simply put, I use a sliding-scale because people who can afford to pay more allow me to work with those who cannot.

Your support in this is appreciated by all and it’s all on an honor system. I trust you to pay what you can afford. Thanks in advance!

Initial Session Fees range from $200-$5000 per session. All I ask is that you pay what you can afford and pay at time of booking via PayPal to secure your slot. Payments can be made to workshops@reidmihalko.com.

$5K for 60-minutes! Really?

I swim in the waters of Hollywood, people! And some of those Hollywood types won’t take me seriously unless they’re writing me a BIG check. Having them take me and my work seriously makes my job easier in helping them, so I set my prices in a way that everybody wins.

Really, when you think about it, what’s the cost of  not having to reinvent the wheel, from gaining access to all of my best practices, and not having to make the costly mistakes I made early on in my career? Is that worth a couple thousand dollars?

I certainly think so.

And please don’t feel weird if you can only afford the lower end of the sliding scale. I choose to use a sliding scale and set my fees where I do because it already works for me. Does it work for you? If, after our time together, you think you owe me more, I never say no to tipping. 🙂

Booking Your Slot:

Unless otherwise arranged, your initial session slot is not secured until paid for. For those of you who choose to hire me on a monthly mentoring basis, you’ll pay me at the end of each month only if my mentoring was worth it! (See below for more on Monthly Mentoring)

If you’re on of those people who wants to pay me what I’m worth but “won’t know” till after we have our session, and you know you can afford to pay me much more than $200… If paying me post-Initial Session would give you more piece of mind and allow you to show up to our first session more powerfully, I’m cool with that, but let’s talk on the phone about that before hand so I can secure your slot sans payment.

24-hr Cancelation Policy for Sessions:I realize that schedules sometimes change last minute and I trust that you realize that our time together is valuable. With this in mind, please respect my 24-hr cancellation policy.

Please alert me, asap, of your cancellation via phone at 917.207.4554. Leave a voice mail if I can’t pick up and I will get back to you as soon as I can to reschedule your session.

In the event of less-than-24-hour notice, you will be charged for your session. However, if I can move another client into your slot (or you can persuade a friend, partner or colleague to sign up to fill the opening – hint, hint), then it’s all good and you will not be charged. Your support in this helps both of us since I often cannot move people into others’ slots. But, it’s worth a try, right?

Reid’s Monthly Mentoring

Every mentoring relationship begins with an initial session, which is basically our “first date.” And you’re buying, btw. 🙂

Because I take my mentorships very seriously, I won’t book someone for a Monthly Mentoring Package until we test the waters and see if we’re a “good fit” for one another. If, after our Initial Session, we both agree that the fit is good, we can talk about Monthly Mentoring.

Why monthly?

Unless you’re wanting to get something very specific and it’s something that we can cover in an hour or three, I strongly recommend creating an indefinite Monthly Mentoring situation where I can support you until you don’t need or wish to retain my support anymore. And here’s the kicker: you pay me at the end of each month based on how good I was!

Reid, you’re telling me, if you suck, I don’t have to pay?!

Yep, if I suck, or was less than what you needed, you get that month of mentoring for free and our monthly agreement becomes null and void!

Why should you owe me money if I’m the one who’s not delivering?

This is how serious I take my mentoring. You pay me what we agreed our rate would be at the end of the month only if our working together was WORTH IT.

If, at any time, we come to the end of the month and you have even the slightest hesitation about my value to you as a mentor, that’s your signal for us to “break-up.” You simply tell me that you’re not getting what you need from me and we’re done. I’m not going to take your money for that month and no hard feelings. Seriously. It’s that simple and straightforward. I don’t want you second guessing if our working together is worth it, ever.

This is highly unconventional. Why do your mentoring this way?

You paying me at the end of the month motivates me to over deliver and not “just phone in” my advice and coaching. It inspires me to keep kicking ass in your world, which is what you deserve from your mentor! And it motivates you to stay present and evaluate how our work is of value to you. And it prevents you from becoming one of those “clients who can’t break it off,” which is an unhealthy relationship that serves neither of us.

Indefinite? You mean, like, you’re my mentor forever, if I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth?

LOL! Kind of, yes… To be clear: I can, and may, choose to stop mentoring you, too. We both have the right to change our minds and our agreements. Mentorship, like Tango, takes two willing partners! And while you may be getting a ton of value from our working together, you may need to put things on hold or transition things for whatever reason – family, finances, health, etc. And given my career trajectory, there may come a time when I can no longer devote the time and focus to mentoring you in the way that you deserve. If that happens, out of respect and integrity to you and myself, I will call it quits.

And why do I want you as my mentor for months on end, again?

The principle behind Monthly Mentoring is this: If you’re looking to gain or create or get something out of our time together and I help you achieve whatever that is for you, then there’s a darned good chance that I can help you hone in on what’s next for you. And once we figure out what’s next on your To Do list, why not just continue our arrangement?

No matter how good and how successful we become, there is always a What’s next to create and achieve!

Unlike relationship coaching where working with me for years on end might be a sign of dysfunction and codependency, on-going mentorship is only a bad thing if no value is gained from it. Think of it this way: You’re a golfer who’s trying to take your game to the next level… What would it be like having Tiger Woods as your personal caddy? (Without the sex scandal, mind you!)

I’m constantly growing and learning and honing my business, too, and I love sharing my triumphs with my peers. That is what mentoring is all about for me! What would it be like to have someone who’s great at the things you’re trying to become great at as your own personal “caddy?” You and I working together indefinitely, in this case, is an advantage. That’s why I don’t put time-constraints on my mentoring, but do put time constraints on my relationship coaching.

How Monthly Mentoring Works…

Unlike Relationship Coaching which has set appointments, Monthly Mentoring is all about working together as much as is needed. Some months we might have two or three or more sessions, another month we might speak only once and email a bunch. Monthly Mentoring is about supporting you in ways for you to win, not about “Every 2nd Monday, from 3pm to 4pm.”

What you can expect is a lot of checking in on your progress. Lots of homework. And lots of thinking and action on your part. Be prepared to work ’cause I’ve got lots to share and I am committed to not wasting your time or mine!

Sessions can be in-person when convenient, over video conferencing like Skype, on the phone, or on email. They can be as short like a 20-minute check-in or as long as a 3-4 hours. We might even create a longer “home-work day” where you and I work side-by-side on a project. It all depends. We’ll create what’s most useful and effective based on the situation at hand, just like life!

Together, through frank and practical one-on-one conversations, we’ll take what we began to lay out in our Initial Session and work from there. You and I will delve deeper into what it is you’d like to create and/or transform and how to make that a reality. By getting clear on what you’d like to create, where you are feeling blocked, where your business or practice is at currently, and what your “not-at-work” relationship reality is, you and I will figure out how best I can serve and support you and what our next steps are going to be and how best to leap into action!

Along the way, I’ll brain dump as much of my “Reid kung-fu” as I can!

Monthly Mentoring Schedules:

Please remember that I travel a lot and won’t be able to meet with you face to face always. And, because mentoring is about support and isn’t about “Every 2nd Monday, from 3pm to 4pm,” our schedule is going to fluctuate from month to month according to our needs. If you’re one of those types who’s reading this thinking, “But I work really, really well with a steady time slot,” don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. You’ll get a steady time-slot and we’ll work from there! See how easy that was? 🙂

If our working together face-to-face is really important to you, and it’s not going to crush you financially, feel free to fly me in for our sessions! I’m probably not going to say no, but we should discuss the best ways to leverage such an arrangement in advance, okay? Just ask.

Monthly Session Package Costs:

Monthly packages are also on a sliding-scale system and cost $600-$5,000/month.

Just in case you’re feeling flush with cash, if you pay in-full for 3-months of mentoring, I would like to gift three of your friends, colleagues, partners or family members with a FREE,  60-minute mentoring or relationship coaching SESSION. If you renew for another 3-month package, you get another 3 free sessions to be used on 3 different friends, colleagues, partners! Doing this kind of growth can be difficult to do alone, so how about you don’t have to! Share my work with a friend so at least they know what you’re talking about when you tell them that I’m working your ass off and you’re loving it! If you run a company, give the free sessions to your employees!*

(*You may also want to consider hiring me to consult for your company.)

What if I don’t want the Monthly Mentoring? Can I just book a bunch of sessions with you as I need ’em?

The answer is yes, you can. However, “a’la carte” mentoring doesn’t get you the same level of “24-7” support and priority in my day-to-day life that my Monthly Mentoring clients receive.

Custom Packages

While Monthly Mentoring, “a’la carte” mentoring, and Initial Sessions cover most people’s needs, occasionally the need for a custom package comes up. I’m always willing to work with individuals and to find something that works for everyone, just ask.


Occasionally, I may recommend that you see someone for work in areas, or when a “change of face” might unblock you in a certain area. While not mandatory, I ask that you seriously consider my recommendations. And, FYI, I’ve been known to take Monthly Mentoring clients on field trips too. (I’m crazy like that!)

Reid’s Type of Mentoring

The type of mentoring I do, like my relationship coaching is much more “tweaking” than “overhauling” people’s lives or businesses. I’m not a business school or University or Madison Avenue PR firm. I’m a sex and relationship expert and media/business model geek. So, if what you’re looking for is a degree in business, to become a certified health care professional, or someone to create and execute your next ad campaign, then the type of mentoring you’re looking for is something vastly different than what I specialize in. I’d suggest getting your MBA, going to med school, or hiring a PR firm. 😉

Other Types of Mentoring Basic Info

Besides the usual one-on-one sessions, I offer other types of mentoring sessions, too…

Hands-On Body Work

As people who work with people whether it be as an educator, a healer, or an activist, too many of us forget to take a day off and receive! The result is that we become depleted and burn out.

Hands-On Body Work sessions cover a wide range of areas and topics and are customized on a client-by-client basis. They can last anywhere between 60-minutes and two and a half hours.

Couples Mentoring for Sex-Positive Professionals

It can be hard enough just being a pleasure-positive professional, right? Now imagine dating and falling in love with one!… As a successful sex educator with a long history of success in my personal relationships, if you’re experiencing difficulty in your relationship life, let’s see if I can’t help. Couples Mentoring, like One-On-One Mentoring Sessions and Relationship Coaching Sessions, usually last between 60 and 90-minutes. Please do not confuse the mentoring, coaching and education I offer with therapy or counseling. It’s not. I am not a therapist nor am I a counselor.

R&D and Play Sessions

I used to be a martial arts instructor and there came a time when, as a teacher, what I realized I needed to further my technique and skill levels was to “mess it up” with other black belts, to spar, to exchange techniques and play around. Being a sex educator is, in many ways, like being a black belt and sometimes what we need most is someone who’s just as skilled as we are to practice on, explore and frolic with, and “open up on.” I like to call this “R&D (Research and Development) and Play.”

R&D and Play are a lot like a musician jam session or a private, free flowing workshop where it’s just you and I working on whatever it is you want to work on. R&D/Play Sessions may last between 90-minutes and two hours depending on where the energy takes us or what we’re trying to explore/work on.

Community Privates

Most of my workshop and teleclass offerings are available for private booking for you, your loved ones, your groups and communities. Just ask and let me do a private workshop for you and yours!

Book a Mentoring Session by emailing me at reid (at) reidaboutsex (dot) com or phoning me at 917.207.4554

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