Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross to keynote Tantra conference

by Reid on July 27, 2009

“Grandmother of Masturbation,” sex education icon Betty Dodson to Keynote October’s Daka Dakini Conference East!

Betty Dodson with Carlin RossBetty Dodson with Carlin Ross

Presentation: The Maiden & the Crone celebrate Pussy Pride:
Merging the Sacred and Profane

Betty Dodson (the Crone) and Carlin Ross (the Maiden) are two Intergenerational Feminists teaching sexual skills online with their interactive

The presentation begins by showing parts of Betty’s original vulva slide show from the 1973 NOW Conference. Then Betty and Carlin share parts of their current Genital Art Gallery that has become Betty’s pet research project. They end by showing photos of their own sex organs. “We are putting our vulva’s online to prove we walk the talk and to encourage others to join us. Let’s remove those damnable fig leaves forever! It’s time for our Private Parts to go Public!”

Their dialogue on sexuality and feminism yields a provocative and witty approach that entertains and educates while delving into the Politics of Women¹s Sexuality:

  • How denying women reproductive rights, easy access to birth control, restricting sexual choices, maintaining a sexual double standard with the two views of woman: Madonna or Whore, and defining women¹s appropriate sexual response denies women a full life.

To view the Full List of Presenters and their Topics: Click HERE.

For more info on the Conference, Pre- and Post-Conference Events and Reid’s FAQ for the entire extravaganza: Click HERE.

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