Want To Appear On A BBC Documentary Airing On HBO (Maybe with Reid)?

by Reid on July 17, 2012

BBC Worldwide logoHelp Reid help the BBC… 

I recently got an query email from, and had a great phone conversation with, film producer Jess Ansary. She’s working on a BBC documentary project set to air on HBO, which is currently filming this August, 2012.

The project (described below) is about relationships. All sorts and manners of ’em! Maybe… one… like… YOURS!

Jess is looking for couples in all varieties of successful relationships (you define “successful” when you talk to Jess). I had such a good conversation with Jess that I wanted to pass this info along to any of you interested-in-maybe-being-on-TV-types! Jess is absolutely wonderful on the phone and passed both my Are these people for-reals and Does this project sound like it is going to represent sex positivism with integrity tests with flying colors, which is why I feel comfortable posting this here.

FYI, my partner Allison (of LesbianWerewolves.com fame) and I will most likely be a part of the documentary (though that’s not been approved by the director yet).

If you’re interested, please contact Jess at the info below, and PLEASE feel free to FWD this on to any interested parties! Tell ’em, “Reid sent ya!”

Yours in sex geekery, 🙂

Jess’ email to me with all the pertinent info, etc… 

Dear Reid,

I’m writing to you from HBO and BBC Worldwide productions. We’re working on a documentary film about couples, and are seeking couples in various alternative relationships who are interested in being interviewed for the film.

I think the work you do as a sex educator/relationship coach is phenomenal, and I wanted to see if you’ve met any couples through your work, who would potentially be interested in being filmed for the documentary.

I noticed on your website that you recently worked on a similar-sounding project where you brought swingers together for an evening of filming. You said that you’re passionate about media covering sex-positive life in an empowering way. Our film is very much in line with that concept, so I was hoping you might be able/interested in lending a hand with getting the word out.

We’re seeking couples in all different types of relationships; gay, straight, poly, involved in the BDSM/kink scene, trans couples, etc. We’re primarily looking for couples in the 20-40 age range, but we’re open to all folks who are interested in being interviewed.

The documentary will focus on the dynamics of successful relationships and throw light on how different partnerships can survive and thrive. The film is meant to be upbeat and positive, showing that whatever form it comes in, love is universal.

If chosen, the couple would only need to be available for one day of filming, during the month of August.

Anyone who is interested or has questions should feel free to call or email me any time. All inquiries will be in confidence, and there is no obligation to take part in the film. I’m happy to chat and answer questions!

My email is relationshipdocumentary@gmail.com, and my cell phone number is 412-841-3867.

Please let me know if you might be able to help us put the word out, and if you have further questions for me about the project, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide.

Take care,

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