And The Winners Are… The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Scholarship Contest Winners Announced!

by Reid on July 9, 2014

The Sexual Freedom Video Scholarship Winners are….

We held a contest to promote the Woodhull Alliance’s Sexual Freedom Summit last month, and announced the winners on 4th of July. Why? So we could celebrate, not just America’s Independence Day, but sexual freedom as a basic human right for all!

It was really hard to choose 2 winners from the amazing, diverse, and vulnerably beautiful videos that were submitted. Thank you, each of you amazing Sex Geeks out there, for jumping in front of your cameras and sharing why sexual freedom is important to you and to the world. Your words touched my heart and further inspired my mission! And I can’t think you enough for helping promote awareness of Woodhull Alliance’s amazing mission and work!

That said…

This Year’s Winner of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Scholarship is:

Bex Talks Sex – Congrats, Bex!!!

“Ignorance does not breed freedom. We’re not truly free to do anything until  we have the information necessary to do safely and without shame.”

~Bex Talks Sex of

This Year’s Winner of the Sex Geek Summer Camp Scholarship is:

Kat “Rainsong” Messenger – Congrats, Kat!!!

Kat Talks: Sexual Freedom from Katrina Rainsong on Vimeo.

“To me, sexual freedom is about education…. From the time we are teenagers, we are walking around with these nuclear power plants in our pants, and taught to ignore them…. Nothing grows in silence…. Innocence and ignorance do not have to walk together hand in hand…. Conversations need to be had…. Sexual freedom is about having and using your own voice.”
~Kat “Rainsong” Messenger of

I’ve included the other amazing video submissions at the bottom of the email for your viewing and sharing enjoyment! Please post, like, share, and tweet your favorite videos, so, together, we can increase awareness about the importance of sexual freedom!

Congratulations Bex and Kat! And congratulations, everyone, who participated. I know it takes courage and generosity to share about such a personal subject and put yourself out there for the world to see. When we talk about Sexual Freedom, we all win!

Our amazing contest runner ups…

Jean Franzblau’s video:

“In a culture w inadequate sexual education and no right of passage, no celebration of this vital life force, I was confused…. That why I’m grateful that organizations like exist!”

~Jean Frannzblau, writer/producer “Coming Edsel Out Kinky”

Avid Awake’s video:

“This culture of [sexual] fear has been passed down…. Sexual freedom would mean having a bunch of autonomous people that do what they want to do because everyone understands that everyone is autonomous…. Sexual freedom is a BIG deal! ”

~Avid Awake

Hunter Riley’s video:

“We need people fighting for our sexual freedoms.”

~Hunter Riley of Self Serve Toys and

Lisa Kan’s video:

“… In my life, sexual freedom meant the ability to be emotionally safe and physically safe when I expressed myself as a sexual person…. Growing up, sex was not discussed…. What I learned about sexual freedom is that the personal becomes political.”
~Lisa Kan of

Lucretia Torva’s video:

"Do you feel any shame in your elbow, or where it's been recently, or what it's been doing?... Sex puts the 'fun' in fundamental!"
~Lucretia Torva, author of "Sex: The Punctuation Mark of Life

Katie Weatherup's video:

"For me, the journey towards sexual freedom is an internal journey of taking advantage of all the amazing resources in the world in order to be able to be in deep choice and expression."

-Katie Weatherup of

Colette Nolan's video:

"We decide here and now to fight the good be dedicated to shining a light on the stuff that doesn't need to be in the dark admit our vulnerabilities with our face our shame-filled own up about our lack of knowledge about our sexual anatomies, so that we can all learn together."

-Colette Nolan

Yuri Kotke's video:

"Sex education promotes sexual freedom.... We need to help each other to love our own bodies, and be free to do it.... Sexual freedom can change the world."
~Yuri Kote, Brazil


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