Advantages of Inviting The Same People To Your Course on the Second Time | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on March 22, 2020

Advantages of Inviting The Same People To Your Course on the Second Time | Facebook Walk With Reid



Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from yes I’m on trampoline and I am in near San Diego at my friend Jerry’s house and I thought I would start and I quickly stop at this video today because there’s a trampoline and you just you need to do trampoline stuff and I have my sex geek summer camp shirt on which means this is business advice for sex educators and workshop leaders and facilitators and things like that and I’m going to try to not be too winded as I come and I sit in the shade and talk to you about this weekend was The Traffic and Conversion Summit and Cathy Vartuli and I did some broadcasts from it and before the summit was Susan Bratton and Tim Bratton from Personal Life Media did a Mastermind and there were lots of amazing people there Lisa Sasevich and Mike Keatings and just a whole ton of like nerds and marketer geeks and then a bunch of sex educators were there as well. So the Mastermind and then we had three days of Traffic and Conversion Summit and it was amazing and great for me and you know as somebody who wants to share business advice for sex educators or somebody who struggled for a long time trying to make a living teaching and educating and answering you know my calling it was a good weekend and super nerdy and geeky and I’m excited at this year’s sex geek summer camp to be sharing some of the stuff that Cathy and I geek out on.

That being said, as you sign on say hi and let me know where you’re saying hi from. Hi Linda! Let’s see I can’t see everybody, Azull! Hi everybody! Tell me where you’re where you’re commenting from, where you’re watching from and also let me know what kind of business you do or what kind of sex education do you do? Are you a workshop healer; are you a tantra coach; are you a relationship coach; or a social worker; are you a sex blogger like what kind of part of the industry the sex education or sexual empowerment or relationship and intimacy industry are you in? I consider just you know the professional sex geeks as being kind of an umbrella term and that also includes people who are getting ready to go pro. So you….don’t I think you’re part of our industry even if you haven’t made a single penny yet and one of the things I’m super excited about is how do we shorten everyone’s learning curves and empower everyone’s best practices and also like remove the shame that so many educators have around you know not being good at business which was me for a long….long time.

For those of you who don’t know my mom and dad, my dad was a very successful computer programmer, my mom was a successful mom who was a…..a…a registered nurse before. She you know had me and my other brothers and….and they eventually lost everything and then lived in their van for several years and so like I have a lot of weird success and failure stuff that I kind of got passed….passed down to me from my mom and dad and I’ve had to unlearn a lot of things and what’s really useful to just tell you all now is a lot of the tools that you teach people around how to stay present and work through and walk through their shame and to ask for what’s scary and to take you know risks and lean into their growth – the things that you naturally do for your fans and followers, your clients, your friends around sex and intimacy though I think you should just look at those same tools and apply them to your business and how you walk through your shame and how you start to unblock yourself when it comes to figuring out business and….and I just think that that’s really useful and that maybe you know sometimes we already have the tools we just need to kind of repurpose them.

So if that idea seems interesting to you, you can hit some emoticons and make it rain hearts and….and thumbs up and smiles and things like that because then I…..I know that the broadcast is still happening and I just want to share today real quickly a concept that really got anchored at Traffic and Conversion and also it’s Susan and Tim Bratton’s Mastermind is the and I see the….the emoticons coming across, so thank you is the concept or just like the….the understanding and this has been researched by….by many nerds and geeks in the business world that it is easier and I apologize for not having the statistics in my head but it is easier to sell or invite somebody to register for a course that’s already registered for with you before or already bought from you before or already hired you before it’s easier to it I mean this only works if your if your stuff is good but if your stuff is good it is easier to get someone to register or buy or hire you a second time than it is to get somebody who doesn’t know you to buy or sign up for that first time and I think that this is going to be really useful for a lot of you who already have businesses or already have coaching clients. Oftentimes, we spend a lot of energy trying to get new clients and what I’m going to suggest that you just think about today after watching today’s video is the people that you’ve already worked with, what could you offer them for their next stage of growth? It’s kind of what Lisa Sasevich talks about when she teaches some of her courses is you know the problem that you solve for them often creates the second problem it’s the access to the next challenge.

So you know when I created relationship 10x which was my six-week online course people were having better relationships, having more communication, more intimacy, more connection they started because they’re working through their anger and their upsets so they’re starting to get a little bit frisky with each other again, they started having more sex and then because they were better communicators they realized that the sex that they were having wasn’t as great as they wanted it to be because they could communicate finally and then they came to me and said “hey, our relationships doing really great now but we’re noticing that the sex is kind of you know iffy. Do you have something we can do now to work on the sex part?” And so my solving their first problem created the next course which would end up being which is you know the six-week online course for them to learn each other’s bodies and their own bodies and how to ask for what they want in the bedroom. So looking at the people that have a….you’ve already worked with and where you help them, what is the new challenge that your gifts help them arrive at? And sometimes it’s just re-inviting if you do coaching relationship coaching sometimes it’s just re-inviting old coaching clients to hire you again, to do a check-in to see where they’re at now and what they’re what they’re wrestling with and for some of you it’s going to be the next program or course or maybe it’s an e-book or it might even be just the next article. I mean you can you can use the same problem solution piece….you can use this approach to free content and what we talked about at camp is you know ABE Always Be Educating. So you’re always educating people for free but then for the people who need more structure, who need more personal time with you what’s the course or the program you know or the book that they can that you can invite them to purchase so that you start to build a business where you’re making a living and that might take a while for you to be able to design all those courses or figure out your pricing structures or put together your work you know your workshops and your websites if you haven’t if you haven’t gotten there yet with that and but as you start planning and mapping all that out, one of the things to pay attention to is to make sure you’re inviting the people who’ve already participated and worked with you to re-up to take the next step in their journey if you can help them with it or you can point them at resources at people who have the courses or the skill sets for the next phase in their journey and then with some of those people that you’re pointing them at maybe you have an affiliate program agreement or referral program agreement with them.

So again like sometimes the solution doesn’t even have to be your own. You can point people to the next step and if you serve them really well and powerfully for that first step then you know you have credibility and their trust and so you can make powerful recommendations and again all this stuff really only works well if you care about your fans and your followers and your clients and your customers and if your stuff’s any good. Again, if your crap if you create crappy content but you’re just really good at selling eventually that comes and bites you in the butt and if you create genius material and you don’t know how to structure it to invite people to… register, to sign up, to…to buy your programs you can have the greatest content in the world then it’s just sits there and you may be struggling as….as an educator who’s trying to pay their bills doing this.

So I’m going to eventually look at all the comments because it’s really hard for me to read them with my you know eyesight at the way that it is and I’ll answer questions and things like that but tell me….leave a comment like what do you think about this idea? Have you heard about this idea before that it’s….it’s actually easier to sell to somebody a second time to invite somebody to hire you a second time than it is to get somebody who doesn’t know you to hire you for that first time? Not that you’re going to stop doing that but don’t forget that you have fans and…..and clients that you should be re-inviting to take the next step and that can be super huge in helping you get to a place where you’re making a living and taking care of your bills and stuff as you build the business into a thriving situation where you’re creating content and….and situations where you are bringing in new people, generating amazing word-of-mouth situations where people are recommending your videos or sharing your articles or you know telling their friends to download your worksheets and….and you’re also getting people on a regular basis who work with you to re-up and work with you again.

So I’m going to leave it that. It’s really a quick video today. I’m so happy to a….to be able to contribute to my community and my industry. If you’re curious about sex geek summer camp then you know you can go to and get free training videos and information on our four day five night sleep away summer camp in West Virginia this year where we’re going to geek out on all kinds of business models and empowerment. You get to nerd out network with some of your sex ed heroes and each other and also take some time off to walk in the woods, go skinny-dipping in the creek or make some s’mores around the campfire. If you already know that you want to register for camp then go to that is camp FAQ and that’ll have all the information and registration buttons and please register sooner than later especially if you know you….you want to get a sleeping accommodation upgrades because those will go fast and that’s going to be it. I’ll….I’ll look at the comments when I get back inside and thank you everybody and I hope you enjoyed the…the trampoline in the beginning and it didn’t make you too seasick and I will talk to you all tomorrow when I shoot my video. It’ll be in Canada I have to go to Canada tomorrow to do a college lecture. So it’ll probably be later in the day or I’ll try to live Facebook live from the airport on my trip.

Alright? Bye. Mwah! Leave some emoticons and I will talk to you all tomorrow. Bye!

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